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Amedeo Mangili


Learn more about Amedeo Contact Amedeo

Amedeo Mangili


Learn more about Amedeo Contact Amedeo

About Amedeo

Born in 1968, Italian nationality and resident in Dubai, the career of Dr Amedeo Mangili has always been determinate by his passions, Medicine, Sport and International Business Development.

He had is International Baccalaureate at the International School of St. Germain en Laye (F), then he got his first graduation in Business Administration at the Lille University of State (1990), then in Medicine at the Milan University of State and a speciality diploma in Orthopaedic surgery at Toulouse Speciality School.

Following his first passion, as he has been a promising football player (PSG and Valenciennes), he obtained the executive MBA of Real Madrid Business School Universidad Europea de Madrid.

He practiced medicine and surgery in France until 2007, in the orthopaedic field. Then, he returned into the business sector, managing different international companies.

From 2007 till 2012, he was the CEO of Vox Media Partner & Consulting, a PR, Marketing & Communication company.
Since 2012 he is the Managing partner and group CEO of iCom Business Group (former iCom Consulting Group).
Since 2017, he is the Chairman of Elite Hospital Management Beijing Ltd.
In 2018, he was appointed CEO of iCom Sport Group Limited, a spin-off of the group, involved in innovative sport marketing & management.

During his career, he directly managed successful projects in the field of healthcare, sport and institutional promotion.

He is now living a new experience as Executive Vice President Sponsorship & Marketing in Pro Sesto 1913 , a professional Italian football club.


Healthcare projects
In 2013, in cooperation with Federsanità ANCI (the National Federation of Italian public hospitals) he created the project Italiastarbene, the national program for the international promotion of the Italian Health System (Medical Tourism and Cooperation), focused mainly on the Extra-EU markets (Eurasia, China, GCC).

In 2017, supported by the Dubai Medical Tourism Council, he coordinated an institutional report co-promoted by the Economist.com on the medical tourism business in Dubai, involving authorities, top local companies, providers and hospitals, members of the Dubai Health Experience group.

In October 2017, representing iCom Consulting Group and Italiastarbene project, he signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Scientific Society of Cardiothoracic and Critical Anaesthesiology.

In 2019, he worked on two international projects:
• Emirati - Italian Cardiovascular Unit in UAE, in cooperation with UAE authorities, Mubadala Healthcare, Prof. Antonio Colombo (worldwide known interventional cardiologist) and Prof. Cesare Massa Saluzzo (interventional radiologist).
• Limb Salvage Center, in collaboration with Prof. Caravaggio, globally known specialist in Diabetic Foot.

In 2020, he started the research project “CAAP” related to new technologies anti-covid, with Prof. Andrea Mangano (academician and researcher in medical technologies), Dr. Cesare Massa Saluzzo (interventional radiologist) and Dr. Paolo Stocco (academician and senior director in public health).

Sport projects
In December 2017, he coordinated the project “AC Milan Center Dubai Mudon” involving Dubai Properties Group and the famous football club AC Milan.

In Jan 2020 he coordinated the development and launch of the smartphone application of Sport Fan Engagement “Fan Rating”, a specific Football application, and the development of the digital platform eDream Team.

In Dec 2020, he coordinated the launch of the digital platform “Fan’s clubhouse – la Casa del Tifoso”, a platform composed by a web TV, a TV & radio editorial format and an interactive website, in partnership with mainstreams' medias.

Institutional projects
In 2007, he developed in cooperation with the Government of Lombardy Region a promotional project on the “Candidacy of Milan to host the Expo 2015”.

In 2008, he coordinated in cooperation the Government of Turkey a promotional project for the “Accession of Turkey to the EU”.

In 2015, he coordinated a weekly event in Chengdu (CN) called “Aperitivo Italiano”, organized by the Italian General Consulate of Chongqing, Chengdu Two Lions Trading Co. Ltd. and Ascott Hotel & Residences a promotion project on the Italian food and wine products.

In April 2015, he managed the special event “Italian Month in Chengdu”, an event lasting 1 month with the institutional support of the Italian General Consulate of Chongqing (CN), consisting in a program of 4 appointments (seminaries and testing) around the themes of the Food & Wine, the Design, the Tourism and the Expo 2015.


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