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Andrew Greaves

South Yorkshire

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Endorsed Member

Andrew Greaves

South Yorkshire

Learn more about Andrew Contact Andrew

About Andrew

A seasoned COO and board level operator with a strong focus in the Tech, Digital Media, Video Gaming and eSports arenas, where I have delivered key operational and product advances for a range of businesses from start-ups to large Telco's over the last 20 years.

Leveraging a key skill for being able to take an outside/in view of a business, and the eco-system it operates within, swiftly engage with a board and its key stakeholders to ensure we have a solution that maximises the opportunity landscape and a business structured well to deliver.

Having overseen multiple digital transformations, I am well versed at ensuring we have the right people, processes, and technology in place to deliver sustainable and clean business for its clients whilst crafting a vehicle that is lean, agile, and well-structured for the long-term goals of the board.

Equally well versed at people and stakeholder management where I have seen first hand that the right long-term plan for a business, backed by a board led purpose and vision, can maximise productivity within an environment, drive up key staff retention and equally acquisition also.

Prior to entering the video gaming and digital media space, I delivered bespoke technology solutions into the manufacturing, automotive, defence, aerospace and transport sectors.

Now looking to add Non-executive director or fractional consulting roles to my career portfolio.

Key skills include:

• Operational excellence
• Board leadership
• Growth strategy
• Key stakeholder management
• Due diligence
• Digital transformation
• Success mindset
• Product management
• Programme management

Andrew's Career History

Promethean TV

COO and CoFounder (Consultant)

January 2017 - Ongoing

Promethean TV provides an BaM award winning solution to maximise revenue and engagement on video content.

Promethean.tv 'ignites' video commerce. by facilitating a transaction on any video stream, creating a contextually relevant call to action that online viewers interact with directly when most engaged with the content. They deliver real sponsorship results by substantially increasing conversion and driving viewers to complete the purchase of sponsored products and services during each broadcast.

GLM Consulting Ltd

Managing Director

May 2007 - Ongoing

NextPlay Technologies

COO and Corporate Officer (Consultant)

August 2021 - June 2023

Azubu TV

VP Product and Technology (Consultant)

September 2013 - November 2016

Virgin Gaming

Director of Operations, Europe (Consultant)

May 2011 - June 2013

Electronic Arts (EA SPORTS)

Senior Producer, Online (Consultant)

April 2007 - April 2011


Ian Sharpe


Andrew is a consummate professional: level-headed in a crisis, considered in a debate, and commanding when it comes to detail. His breadth of experience, plain speaking approach and financial acumen shine through all his interactions with staff, clients and board members. Trustworthy and diligent, Andrew is the safest pair of hands in the business.

Reed Anderson



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