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Bo Bronserud


North Yorkshire


Business Services, Management Consulting, Professional Services

About Bo


As joint Founder and Managing Partner of ngage consulting ltd. - the UK's leading business consultancy for the animal health industry, I am privileged that today I can combine a passion and a strong theoretical background with more than two decades of experience in owning, leading and advising high-growth companies ranging from start-ups to internally renowned companies in my consulting work to help companies develop sustainable people and strategy solutions capable of delivering operational excellence.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing individual professionals and companies succeed. Often the nature of my work involves collaborating with companies during periods of transformational change that demands the highest levels of communication skills, the power to persuade and convince people, and not least the appetite and courage to lead from the front.

I have a strong network to draw on and a specialist expertise that is recognised internationally, as well as the battle scars reflecting my 25 years at leadership level...

I have participated in the development of hundreds of talented people, many of whom have gone on to have highly successful, hugely meaningful and satisfying careers across the world. I am honoured to say that many ex-colleagues still come to me for advice long after our formal relationships have come to an end.

A recent study amongst UK SMEs reported that 82% of companies didn't have a formal business plan in place. The reason given by managers was that they don't know how to go about it. I have developed a step-by-step framework that organisations can use in their strategic planning. I help organisations embed strategic planning into their culture to make them more efficient and more transparent. It creates a more inclusive culture and increases employee engagement. The results speak for themselves.

I am extremely interested in adding NED roles in the UK to build a strong and varied portfolio.

Bo's Career History

July 2020 - Ongoing
ngage consulting ltd.

Founder & Managing Partner

ngage is a business consultancy that operates exclusively in the animal health industry/.

We offer three core services

1. Strategy/Business planning
2. Recruitment
3. Leadership development

June 2020 - Ongoing
Vets Stay Go Diversity (VSGD)

Commercial Business Partner

Vets: Stay Go Diversify (VSGD) is an international community of veterinary professionals who support each other in pursuing fulfilling careers.

Our mission is to connect with like-minded people and provide support to our members on their journey to a successful career.

July 2019 - July 2020
Taskbox Ltd.


TASKBOX is an intuitive mobile app that enables customers to significantly improve their team speed and productivity in terms of Project and Task Planning.

Plan. Organise. Track. Report

March 2018 - Ongoing
Tuke House Consulting Ltd.


June 2016 - December 2018

Chief Strategy Officer

ON THE MARK (OTM) is s leading global management consulting firm in collaborative organisation design and business transformation. With the most integrated and comprehensive methodology in the market, the team at OTM enable clients to realise their future strategic goals.

January 2014 - May 2015
Business Unit Director

Hipra UK Ltd.

October 2010 - August 2013
Arovit Petfoods A/S

Managing Director Sales

September 2001 - May 2010
Tangerine Holdings

Group Managing Director

September 1997 - August 2001
Premium Pet Foods Scandinavia A/S

Owner & General Manager

Exclusive distributor of Iams & Eukanuba Pet Food


Garrick Bruce

Bo has an extensive experience in animal health however he has far surpassed his industry and gone across a variety of sectors and executive roles. His strategic direction has exploded organisations he has been involved in, now acting as a Consultant and Non Executive Director he is highly recommended to have a conversation with.