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Mike Karim


Learn more about Mike Contact Mike

Mike Karim


Learn more about Mike Contact Mike

About Mike

I am Mike Karim the CEO and co-founder of Oxford Endovascular Ltd, a spinout from Oxford University. I am open to Non-Executive Director roles to help other companies on their journeys.

My company is developing a revolutionary medical device, a next generation flow diverter, to treat brain aneurysms; a life-threatening disease affecting 1 in 50 persons in a strongly growing market valued over $1 billion.

I have raised over $20m from investors to support the company’s development activities and we have won significant non-dilutive grants from the European Commission’s prestigious Horizon 2020 program as well as Innovate UK.

I have over 30 years growing international businesses in large corporations & start-ups (Pharma w Upjohn Pharma, Boston Sci, then Lombard Medical, Heartware & Aptus Endosystems, which were sold to Medtronic

I mentor budding entrepreneurs, is a panellist at industry conferences, sits on the ‘Medfit’ organisation steering committee as well as being a sub-board member of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI).

I studied Pre-Clinical Medicine, Physiology & Pharmacology at Southampton University and hold an MBA from Henley Business School, UK.

Mike's Career History

Oxford Endovascular Ltd

CEO & Director of the Board

October 2015 - Ongoing

Oxford Endovascular is a spin-out from Oxford University, working to treat brain aneurysms.

OxiFlow™️ is a novel, next generation flow-diverter, that diverts blood flow away from intracranial aneurysms at risk of rupture. It places more accurately and safely than existing devices, reducing the risk of adverse events. It conforms better to blood vessels making more patients treatable and has the capability to become the market leading device.

Conceived by a world-renowned physician who pioneered the treatment of aneurysms over the last 30 years and an expert in ‘Origami Engineering’, it has patents in Europe, US, China & Japan.

Aptus Endosystems Inc

Senior Director International

September 2014 - July 2015

HeartWare Inc

Global Director Market Development

June 2010 - September 2014

Lombard Medical Ltd

Global Director Sales & Marketing

June 2007 - June 2010

Boston Scientific Inc

Director International

May 1995 - May 2007

Upjohn Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Hospital Specialist and Regional Manager

August 1991 - March 1995


+ Healthcare