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Adri Muller

Western Cape, South Africa

Learn more about Adri Contact Adri
Endorsed Member

Adri Muller

Western Cape, South Africa

Learn more about Adri Contact Adri

About Adri

Adri is the founder of Out the Box CFO, an advisory firm that provides specialist CFO services to entrepreneurs and owner-managed businesses who focuses on cash flow management and financial strategy.

A fully qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) who has worked in many industries in South Africa, the USA and Botswana. After obtaining her CA (SA) designation from the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants she spread her wings to BDO in Washington DC auditing non-profit organisations.

Upon returning to South Africa, she joined one of the Big 5 audit firms to specialise in Value Added Tax while completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Taxation.

After 3 years she moved on to commerce as the Head of Finance of a top, listed investment holding company where she gained experience in many industries – agriculture, private equity and asset management.

She has extensive experience in cash flow management, corporate restructuring, financial reporting, strategy and has thorough knowledge of South African income tax and VAT. Apart from having a deep understanding of the financials, Adri takes a practical approach in finding “Out the Box” solutions to complex, financial situations.

She also served as the CFO of the family business selling protective clothing to the contract workers on the diamond mines of Botswana. She successfully managed the company remotely during the Covid pandemic and hard lockdown in 2020 and managed to double cash resources during this difficult time. After the passing of her father, she managed to direct a management buy-out.

Adri has served on several boards and committees of listed and non-listed companies and organisations during her 20 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant.


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