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Althea Davis

Abu Dhabi

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Endorsed Member

Althea Davis

Abu Dhabi

Learn more about Althea Contact Althea

About Althea

As an accomplished -seven-time Chief Data Officer, I've developed and executed data strategies,
build diverse data teams for everything data, digital, analytic, AI, and data science.

Voted to the list of Top Data Power Women 2021 by CDO Magazine, I am a board member of the International Society for Chief Data Officers and an editorial board member of CDO Magazine. This Summer I head up the launch of a new magazine channel dedicated to the CDO's in the Middle East and Africa. We strive to create vibrant CDO communities that tackle C-Suite executive awareness of the hidden gems untapped and underutilized in their midst.

I use contextualized data with non-conventional data management methods to create data delight and business value out of data chaos. As a champion of disruptive emerging data technologies, non-conventional data strategies, inclusive data cultures, I guide organizations and executives to be ahead of the market. We turn our clients into the 1% who are on top of their business outcomes pulling them out of the mass market where at best conventional data tactics deliver mediocre results

As a co-founder of Turn Key Technologies, a global Emirati company with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE, we will launch a global expansion to offices in London, California, and Bangalore by the end of 2021. Our alliance partners are located in the US, Chile, Ghana, and Singapore.

We are "the world's premier" Chief Data Officer-led data management consulting. At Turn Key Technologies, we offer our clients unique access to accomplished Chief Data Officers, Data Leaders, Data Thought Leaders, and next-gen non-conventional data technologies to navigate, exploit and concur data in the new information economy.

With Turn Key Technologies, you get hyper-connected to the global data elite reducing your false starts, risk exposure, shoring up your investment, and increasing your speed to business success for ventures that are highly data-dependent such as AI adoption, digitalization, analytics, IoT exploitation, harmonized patient data, customer experience, supply chain optimization, and costly capital project and construction initiatives.

Whatever your current profit is, we can improve your results drastically in revenue gains, cost optimization, productivity gains, risk exposure reductions, compliance cost containment, and cyber and business resilience.


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Stefano Bonfa


Jason Bell



+ Banking Construction Digital Financial Services FMCG / Retail Government Healthcare Insurance Management Consulting Pharmaceutical Technology