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Andrew Hughes


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Endorsed Member

Andrew Hughes


Learn more about Andrew Contact Andrew

About Andrew

Andrew is a seasoned business founder, experienced CEO, growth-to-exit, and tech evangelist who has delivered incredible success on a global scale.

Through VNED he has already been appointed Chairman NED for a tech SaaS company.

With a key ability to define the true art of the possible for a business, whether his own or that of a board he is supporting, Andrew has crafted a unique and unrivaled skillset for being able to find those missing pieces of the success jigsaw, and truly help drive a business forward.

No stranger to the extremes of being an entrepreneur, Andrew is more than aware of the need for a CEO to have a trusted guide on the board, to be that sounding board for what keeps you up at night and, not just listen, but help craft an overarching strategy for success.

Andrew thrives on being able to take an outside/in view of a business, but equally importantly the eco-system it operates within, and find those small % changes that can be made to people, process, technology, and financial access to achieve the goals of its key stakeholders, and that’s where Andrew thrives and dwells so well.

Andrew is now looking to engage as a Non-Executive Director or Non-Executive Chairman where he can take his gravitas of experience and knowledge around business growth and join a team who has the hunger and desire to truly push their business to the next level

Andrew's Career History


Non Executive Chairman

April 2023 - Ongoing

Thingtrax, the manufacturing performance platform, is a complete solution for manufacturing leaders to improve operational excellence. Capture data insights from all stages of production, digitise team processes for all functions, set performance objectives and targets, and engage employees to develop a high-performance culture.



October 2022 - Ongoing

Kavedon Kapital

Head of Founder Relations

July 2021 - Ongoing


Non-Executive and Investor

July 2017 - Ongoing

Fat Llama

Investor and Advisor

April 2017 - Ongoing

Multiple Successful Vehicles

Multiple Exit CEO | Investor | Board Advisor

January 2011 - Ongoing


Michael Mateer


Andrew is exceptional at what he does and practises what he preaches. I've had many a valuable conversations with Andrew. He will be of exceptional value to any board looking to grow and exit. More than happy to recommend Andrew.

Ian Wright



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