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Andy Milward


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Andy Milward


Learn more about Andy Contact Andy

About Andy

Andy Milward, PhD, CPsychol is the founder, owner, and principal of Milward International, a consulting firm that specialises in strategic change.

Andy is also founder and CEO of Milward and Partners, Executive Career Consulting.

Through Milward and Partners, an elite career consulting practice, Andy helps C-level executives with career transition.

Overall, with over forty year’s industrial experience, Andy supports senior executives with the analysis of complex problems, strategy development, decision-making and personal growth.

A specialist in strategic change, he helps leaders to plan, execute and lead the process of change.

He has been coaching excellence in leaders, teams, and organisations for over two decades.

Andy is your critical business analyst, strategic advisor and confidante.

His rigorous data-driven approach to change provides you with a basis for coaching to align performance, and increase the return on your investment in people.

Before forming his own consulting practice in 1992, Andy had a career in Business Intelligence and Consulting.

Andy received his PhD in Critical Management from Lancaster University Management School in England where he researched work group motivation under the supervision of the distinguished business psychologist, Professor Sir Cary L. Cooper.

He is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) specialising in social-organisational psychology.

Andy is on the register of the British Psychological Society to conduct psychological testing (Test User: Occupational, Personality at Level 2).

He graduated with a Master of Science degree in Social Research Methods and Statistics from the Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research at the University of Manchester, England.

He completed a Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in the United States, and a Master of Science in Social and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Salford, England.

After an 11 year tenure as a Non-Executive, he is now looking to secure additional opportunities to add to his, already impressive, portfolio.


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