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Anna-Lisa Natchev




Banking, Financial Services, Marketing, Technology

About Anna-Lisa

Currently a part of the Management team of Analyste, a global challenger for cash management solutions based in Finland. Her role as the Head of Sales and Marketing brings with her a strong and innovative tool kit that can help organizations of all sized to get seen and heard through the digital noise and how to really build a global thought leadership profile in the niche they act in.

Anna-Lisa has over ten years of experience in the area of solution selling and international business, including key roles in organizations like Oracle, IBM, and Basware. Her long-time experience from delivering value and customer success for international organizations brings along excellent understanding and a deep appreciation for startups and niche challenger solution providers.

Anna-Lisa is also active in different volunteering roles that aim to shape the future technological and regulatory framework in Finland and the Nordics. The most prominent is acting as the Vice President of the Board for the Blockchainforum EU/Fi.

Language skills: English, Swedish, Finnish and German

Specialties: Cash management, Banking, DLT/Blockchain solutions

Anna-Lisa's Career History

January 2019 - Ongoing
Blockchainforum EU/FI

Vice Chairman of the Board

Our forum is a collective of amazing people striving to build a better future for the deployment of blockchain technology. As a non-profit organization, our mission is to promote open discussions, knowledge increase and use of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies among companies, public and third sector organizations and citizens in their roles as users, suppliers or regulators by providing and levering know-how, training, research and user experiences.

March 2018 - Ongoing

Head of Sales and Marketing

Analyste is a rapidly growing cash management and treasury specialist. Analyste provides services to customers in over 13 countries focusing on solving the challenges of treasury organizations. Alongside cash forecasting and payment automation, we focus on risk management and trade finance.

In my role as Head of Sales and Marketing, I oversee the teams and create the strategies and actionable steps to rise from local Nordic challenger to global thought leader. Working closely with the Management team and the BoD I am known for my innovative and fresh actionable ideas on how to accelerate brand awareness and use creative often low-cost tools and partnerships to achieve our goals.