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Bertrand De Lavenne




Healthcare, Management Consulting, Pharmaceutical

About Bertrand

• CEO | COO | Managing Director successful at transformation of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnologies and Medical Devices companies by establishing the vision, the motivation and the strategic planning to accomplish challenging missions
• Engages, inspires and develops people to encourage continued growth of sales and profitability
• Navigates networks, balances stakeholders thanks to situational adaptability developed through extensive experiences of various business models from Global to Local scopes in both emerging markets (China, Russia, Asia Pac, North Africa, Latin America) and developed markets (UK, Switzerland, France)
• A very strong ability to quickly appraise unfamiliar business contexts in various cultures
• Get things done: demonstrating a sense of urgency and making it very clear to others where there exists the need to change or do things differently in order to lead effective transitions or transformations

Bertrand's Career History

November 2018 - September 2019
Lyon Area, France

President and Managing Director • Mylan France

USD 1.7 B • Management: 1’500 people
#1 Worldwide Affiliate after the U.S.A. in Mylan
French Market leadership: #2 in units, #3 in volume, #1 in Generic, #1 in OTC INN, #1 in Flu Vaccine
• Full P&L Responsibility of Mylan France Operations including a portfolio of Branded Products, Generics, OTC, Medical Devices and Flu Vaccine

June 2016 - October 2018
Lyon Area, France

General Manager Retail Division • Mylan France

USD 1.1 B • Management: 300 people
#1 Retail Division after the U.S.A. in Mylan
French Market leadership: #1 in Generic, #1 in OTC INN, #1 in Flu Vaccine
• Full P&L responsibility of the Retail Division incl. Generics, OTC, Medical Devices and Flu Vaccine

January 2015 - December 2015

Managing Director • Roche Algeria

USD 165M • 100 people
• Full P&L Responsibility: lead the local operations with a particular focus on Oncology and Hepatitis

May 2013 - November 2015
London, United Kingdom

Managing Director • Abbott/Mylan UK / Ireland

USD 80M • 60 people
• Full P&L Responsibility: lead the transformation of the UK and Irish affiliates adapting to a changing and challenging environment internally and externally (business model turnaround, new business development: telehealth and digital technologies)