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Clarissa Drysdale-Anderson




Banking, Business Services, Construction, Digital, Energy, Environmental, Financial Services, Management Consulting, NGO, Not for Profit / Charity, Private Equity, Professional Services, Technology

About Clarissa

Clarissa is an Electrical Engineer with a master’s degree from the LSE (London School of Economics) in Management of Information Systems and Business Strategy. She is an internationally certified ESG practitioner with diplomas from the Harvard Business School in Corporate Social Responsibility, and from INSEAD in Social Entrepreneurship.

She has a wide international academic and professional experience in Brazil, Argentina, USA, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, India, Qatar, Poland, Spain and the UK. Clarissa has worked in a variety of sectors such as: IT, Telecom, Pharmatech, Management Consulting, Non-Profits, Financial Services and Private Equity, for over 20 years. She has successfully grown a Pharmaceutical Marketing start-up in Latin America and launched YouCanFreeUs, an international humanitarian organization that combats modern slavery.

Clarissa is passionate about helping companies develop a robust ESG strategy to achieve their optimal social and environmental impact in alignment with the UN SDGs, while mitigating potential risks. She is currently based in London working for LIVOGO, a boutique consultancy on ESG & Impact Investment, she co-founded in 2016. Her main clients are in the Financial Services, especially PE Firms, Asset Managers and Impact Investment Funds, where she evaluates the ESG risks & impacts of portfolio companies through due diligence, engagement, monitoring and reporting.

She also serves as a Non-Executive Director for YouCanFreeUs and is on the Impact Board of EarthTech, an Australian Impact Investment Incubator.

Clarissa's Career History

January 2016 - Ongoing

ESG Director

ESG & Sustainability - Impact Investment - Deal Origination & Structuring

Main Activities:

- ESG/sustainability strategy, policy, metrics, reporting
- Frameworks/standards implementation: PRI, SASB, IMP, IRIS+, GIIRS, GRI, TCFD, CDP, UN SDGs, OPIM, IFC Performance Standards
- ESG due diligence, monitoring and reporting - portfolio companies
- Impact investing & responsible finance structuring
- Regulatory compliance ESG standards and taxonomy - EU, UK, Australia
- Carbon footprint analysis and NetZero strategy
- TCFD / GRI reporting
- UN SDGs strategy alignment
- Modern slavery corporate statement & slavery footprint analysis
- Supply chain risk management and mitigation
- CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs
- Stakeholder engagement