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Craig Buchan

North Yorkshire

Learn more about Craig Contact Craig
Endorsed Member

Craig Buchan

North Yorkshire

Learn more about Craig Contact Craig

About Craig

A seasoned C-Suite executive with extensive experience in providing strategic direction and vision for revenue, business development, and growth plans to achieve financial, people, business, and commercial objectives across various business stages. Leadership expertise spanning from start-ups to established businesses, demonstrating the ability to set goals, develop marketing and tactical plans, manage commitments, ensure compliance with legal frameworks, health and safety regulations, and brand standards.

As a leader, prioritises the front-end delivery of results, leading by example and managing teams with a passionate involvement in all aspects, from recruitment to setting KPIs, training, and performance management. This approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement, resulting in exceptional results at every level of the organisation.

As a member of the board of trustees, a trusted advisor, forging commercially viable business partnerships through astute negotiations and win-win transactions that bolster competitiveness with integrity, and help develop strategic markets of the future. A values and result-oriented leader, with effective coordination skills to foster confidence and trust across multiple stakeholders.

A multi-faceted leadership approach includes a proven track record of compassionately handling responsibilities, ranging from creating and delivering a clear business development strategy to leading the sales and business development teams, managing operational aspects, and hands-on business development within both existing and new markets.

Craig's Career History

Harrogate Town AFC CIO


February 2023 - Ongoing

Bringing about immediate change in fundraising opportunities for the charity
Actively involved in the support of the wider football club
Assisting the charity in changing the way it goes about organising the finance function to provide more accurate, timely management information and KPIs.

YRH Finance Team

Regional Partner

October 2022 - Ongoing

Seven Innovation and Design


June 2022 - Ongoing

BBC Leeds

Paper Reviewer

March 2017 - Ongoing

Nord / Fi:k Kaffe


January 2021 - September 2022


James Lammond


Craig is an astute and commercially minded regional partner running the North East of England team at YRH. Showing strong leadership and commercial skills, Craig has contributed to the success and growth of the region. Craig is a strong advocate for fractional working finance functions within the SME space

Kris Glover



+ Creative Financial Services Hospitality / Events Insurance Manufacturing Not for Profit / Charity Professional Services