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Damien Ghee




FMCG / Retail, Hospitality / Events, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Not for Profit / Charity, Technology

About Damien

I am a proven Non-Executive Director with over 25 years in senior board level positions across a range of industries. Damien brings a wealth of experience, strategic insight and board level mastery; having worked amongst some of the UK's largest family SME businesses and leading blue-chip global corporations in both industry and management consulting.

I have experience in creating strategic vision for both large, global, complex businesses & organisations, and UK SMEs, driving results through operational delivery and cultural sensitivity. I am skilful with people, developing trust and credibility across all stakeholders. A naturally empathetic and decidedly visible leader who can translate strategic vision into operational delivery, I take responsibility for the broadest of perspectives in order to identify potential blind spots. I have an adaptable and flexible style, able to adjust to different group dynamics to deliver a favourable bottom line.

My board level experience includes:
+ Non-Executive Director and statutory director of Bako North Western Group Ltd
+ Board member and statutory director of The Campden BRI Group
+ As Director of New Enterprise Innovation worked with both the CEO, Group Board and Shareholders
of Bettys & Taylors Group to develop a Group growth strategy including agreement of investment parameters and a governance model for new business development activity. Had P&L responsibility for new business developments
+ Board of Trustees member and statutory director of Age UK Blackpool & District
+ As New Business Development and Strategy Director worked with the Business Management
Board, Main Board and Shareholders of Warburtons Ltd to develop and monitor business strategy including management of strategic risks. Had P&L responsibility for new business developments. Also worked with Board-level stakeholders to define and implement a business-driven IT strategy
+ As a member of Unilever Global Infrastructure Organisation Europe’s management board responsible for technical resourcing of the transition programmes to insource IT services and for the deployment of new technology in over 80 Unilever H&PC and Foods division subsidiaries

I am developing a portfolio of Non-Executive and advisory positions, using my extensive business knowledge and transferrable skill set. With my proven ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ and take a pragmatic approach to issues and challenges, I am a valuable member to Non-Executive boards bringing:
+ Knowledge and transferrable skills to multiple industries and sectors (including consumer goods, manufacturing, hospitality, logistics and IT), enabling me to understand, advise, support and challenge the board on a range of issues:
+ Development and delivery of business strategy, including risk management
+ Programme, portfolio, project and organisational change management of both business growth & innovation (including new service and product development, new sales channels such as Export,
through business start-up, partnerships and M&A) and organisational transformation projects
+ Efficiency and effectiveness improvement across business operations at all levels of a company
+ Use of technology such as ERP, CRM and e-commerce to transform business and operations
+ Building of high performing teams, coaching and mentoring of both individuals and businesses
+ Building of engaging and effective relationships, recognising the need for, and facilitating, collaboration between board and business