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David Grundy




Banking, Business Services, Financial Services, Management Consulting, Private Equity, Professional Services

About David

As an experienced financial professional, with more than 2 decades of Corporate Finance and business management experience, I now provide NED, consulting and advisory services, with a particular focus supporting fast-changing and dynamic businesses. NED roles bring my commercial and management expertise to bear, whereas consulting and roles focus on corporate M&A and pre-IPO planning, utilising extensive transactional expertise.

A particular niche within consulting work is providing mentoring and coaching to professional services firms and individuals, working with potential partners and those in management roles.

David's Career History

January 2012 - Ongoing
242 Associates LLP

Owner & Managing Partner

242 Associates LLP provides consultancy services to businesses undergoing financial transformation, including growth, refinancing, acquisitions / disposals, restructuring and IPO.

Services are provided as retained adviser (working with management over an extended period) or project management (over shorter-term transactions).

November -0001 - Ongoing
Freeway UK Insurance Services

Non-Executive Chairman

Freeway is a specialist taxi insurer, operating across the UK, underwriting policies as MGA for external insurance capacity.

November -0001 - Ongoing
Hello Soda


Hello Soda is a global big data and text analytics software provider, to provide enhanced customer insights. Key applications are in ID & fraud solutions, risk solutions and marketing solutions. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, Hello Soda also has offices in Austin and Bangkok, with clients across 6 contents and truly multi-lingual.

November -0001 - Ongoing
Natural Energy Wyre Ltd


NEW is developing the Wyre Tidal Gateway project. The centre-piece of this is a tidal barrage across the River Wyre in Fleetwood, which will generate electricity from the tides. Once constructed, the barrage will operate for 120 years, powering 70,000 homes, as a highly reliable and predictable source of low-cost renewable energy.

November -0001 - Ongoing
GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group)

Council Member

GLG provides a technology-enabled platform to connect companies and professionals, streamlining market research, helping solve complex strategic and seeking mentorship.