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Learn more about DIANA Contact DIANA


Over six years contributing to international boards and UK Trust as Non-Executive Director, Board Member and Member of Trustees respectively. Entrepreneurial and tech savvy innovation founder and leader with a passion for impactful digital technology solutions driving change. A thought leader driving new concepts leading to international engagements in early stage formation of digital learning platforms and engagements at senior governmental, C-Suite and international agency levels.

Strategist with strong business acumen leveraging 30 years of global experience in ICT and telecommunications with experience gained from FSTE 100 organisations, SMEs and Start-ups. Key strengths and experience in building and managing digital businesses and teams in the UK and Africa. Deep experience in the delivery of mobile and internet-based strategic business systems and consumer services (since 1994), digital transformation, customer success and service adoption strategies. Expert in digital learning (online, mobile & virtual) and developing models for organisational learning and competencies and skills development, and partnering for leveraging eco-system capabilities.

Expertise in development of telehealth solutions for public and private sector institutions, governments and teaching hospitals.

I have a keen interest in understanding pertinent technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Block Chain, AI and leveraging networks – people and organisational. I am passionate about integrating these for the personalisation of healthcare and continuous learning supporting personal empowerment and economic and social contribution.

• Selected as team member to work with the Brookings
Institute (USA) and the UN Special Envoy for Education on The Global Education Platform (GEP) 2013-2015:

• Company selected by Global Business Coalition for
Education partner for its COVID_19 and developing markets education response: http://gbc-education.org.

• Featured in the official History of Parliament
Trust 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation commemorative album. The History of Parliament Trust –
one of the most respected and authoritative research
projects in British history - new publication entitled 300
Years of Leadership and Innovation at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday, 22 September 2021.


+ Digital Education Healthcare Management Consulting Professional Services Technology