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Diane Cheesebrough


West Yorkshire


Banking, Business Services, Financial Services, Insurance, Other, Private Equity, Public Sector, Technology

About Diane

Entrepreneurial, commercial 20+ year experienced business leader , NED and Chair with a proven international track record leading and enabling CEO’s, Boards and Business Owners to liberate and create value in PE backed, plc and SME’s through start up, high growth and/or turnaround. Experienced across both the Public and Private Sector with particular skills in PE or family/entrepreneur led and/or tech enabled businesses.

As Chair/ NED building, coaching and mentoring teams who quickly deliver above budget sustained revenue and profit or T/A plans.

As Executive ran International Group through expansion to 4x EV. including turnaround program that delivered within 3 months the reversal of declining revenue, EBITDA, cash and working capital, delivered month 1 return to monthly profit, in year breakeven, sustainable growth and cash for investment. c35% pa revenue growth, doubling revenues over the period and delivering from deficit position, highest ever EBITDA % and £.

Exit experienced in International Groups /Companies

Key Skills

• Profitable growth and scale – guiding and driving high growth businesses including through operating/financial challenges
• Fast sustainable Turnaround – delivering swift returns to profit, a stable base and effective growth strategies
• CxO development – coaching and enabling the leadership team to achieve their and the business potential
• Turning potential into reality - translating long held ideas and ambition into commercial growth
• Robust commercial Financial management – transforming profitability, cashflow, ROI and distributable reserves
• Strategy formulation, alignment and delivery – delivering step change business performance, particularly in changing markets
• Sales and Growth plans – delivering organic and/or step change growth with predictable sustainable revenue/margin
• International growth – identifying and opening international markets for profitable expansion
• Digital and Technology Transformation
• Data Strategies - real insights to drive business decisions, growth and profitability, identifying and increasing enterprise value
• Governance and Compliance - strong corporate governance without the bureaucracy