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Eloise Inedahl Swales


Learn more about Eloise Contact Eloise

Eloise Inedahl Swales


Learn more about Eloise Contact Eloise

About Eloise

Emerging leader in the future of retail tech, powering growth through utilising up-and-coming technologies such as AI, headless commerce as well as trends such as social commerce. Experience in helping boards navigate through changing business landscapes and consumer demands to solve even the most ambiguous challenges. Supporting organisations that want to build and implement sustainable business models, products and P&Ls and align these with the interests of consumers, investors and employees. Persistent and valued leader with excellent people management skills that were tried and tested during challenging times such as a global pandemic and numerous company restructures. Well-prepared to leverage experience and network to grow brands and create sustainable strategies.

Eloise's Career History


Country Manager/Managing Director

December 2019 - Ongoing

Country Manager /Managing Director – UK & Ireland December 2019 – Present
Responsible for launching, developing and managing products and services in the UK & ROI market. Managing seven direct reports in sales, marketing, customer success & accounting sitting in London and Dublin. Initiating sales meetings and negotiation efforts with independent and household brands.

Key Accomplishments:
• Developed a new product for the entire group by working extensively over 6 months together with suppliers, developers, project managers and end clients to build a commercially viable and scalable product. Adding 150 new acceptance points within 30 days of go-live.
• Led digital transformation within my own entities and the wider group by enabling the group to access and interpret data better.
• Increased productivity and knowledge by building confident team, retaining, and retraining where possible and hiring and mentoring new talent.
• Responsible for budgeting and cashflow forecasts working together with internal accountant and group controlling.
• Full P&L responsibility for 2 entities over 2 territories, managing through changes with Brexit and the pandemic.
• Maintained excellent working relationships with the board and senior management by managing up and aligning goals and expectations.
• Built high performing teams that were able to adapt to organisational transformation and world events.
• Worked with retailers such as M&S, Tesco, Morrisons and global suppliers like AWIN, Fidel, WeGift, Merit.


Head of Operations

December 2018 - November 2019


+ Business Services Digital FMCG / Retail Marketing Environmental Social Governance (ESG)