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Gary Osborne

West Yorkshire

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Endorsed Member

Gary Osborne

West Yorkshire

Learn more about Gary Contact Gary

About Gary

I am a professional, commercially oriented executive with an engineering/marketing background, who is best at looking at companies and actively streamlining their processes and activities, both technical and commercial. In my experience it’s all about customers, and delivery!

I have worked in Mergers and Aquisitions (M&A), turn-round situations, start-ups, and accelerating and re-building product teams across digital TV, semi-conductors, and most recently environmental (water) sensors where the ability to offer a fresh lens to a problem, whether internal or external, can be used to maximise an opportunity to drive a business and its board forward.

In my last engagement I was recruited to relaunch the Engineering department after a period of hiatus. Consequently, I have just completed the development of a new sensor product in 8 months. Accomplished by bringing in key talent and sub-contract expertise together with changing behaviours inside the company to drive towards the medium- and long-term aspirations of the board.

No stranger to the day-to-day challenges of a business I am equally well versed in being able to take an outside/in view of a business and advise on streamlining its sales and engagement strategies to maximise the landscape of opportunity.

Gary's Career History

Mainstream Measurements Ltd

Engineering Director

September 2021 - Ongoing

Leaders in open channel flow measurement, using ultrasonic technology. The company is now concerned with research, development and design of instrumentation with a heavy emphasis on embedded micro-processors. Areas which needed my involvement included roadmap, marketing and partner relations. Most critical however was the development of a next generation product to a very fast timescale, avoiding silicon shortage issues and the danger of running out of stock.

Helpful Solutions Consulting

Founder / Director

May 2013 - Ongoing

Pyreos Ltd

VP Engineering

April 2015 - August 2021


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