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Gautam Sahgal




Business Services, Digital, Private Equity, Technology

About Gautam

 Forward thinking and thought leadership capabilities, ability to see the “bigger picture”.
 An effective communicator at all levels in the organisation, with strong oral, written and public speaking skills.
 Extensive board experience, including publicly listed board and participation in Audit committee as well as wide breadth of senior roles (CEO, Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer, Finance Director).
 Exceptional ability to align and engage various levels of internal and external stakeholders and work issues to closure.
 Extensive experience in mission critical situations including capital raising, M&A, restructuring, internationalisation, strategy development and rapid revenue development
 Successful track record of personally developing and maintaining executive level enterprise relationships.
 Effective organisation, planning, project management, and masterful execution skills.

Gautam's Career History

January 2016 - Ongoing
Perkbox Limited

Managing Director

Core Focus: Led the domestic and international scale up of this SaaS business in the HRTech space from an embryonic phase to > £ 25 mln in ARR across 4 countries. Propelled products and services into more lucrative global markets and successfully led internationalisation process. Led the company first through hyper-growth and subsequently to profitable growth.

Key Contributions:

 Defined and communicated the strategic vision of the organisation by fully engaging with and inspiring investors and key stakeholders.
 Developed the sales, marketing, customer success and operations functions from an embryonic phase while we delivered increase in annual recurring revenue from £ 2.5 mln to £ 25 mln over five years.
 Grew organisation from just over 50 people in 2015 to over 200 people in 2020.
 Led global market development and internationalisation efforts expanding the services to 4 countries with users in over 30 countries.
 Participated in all capital raising activities to finance the growth of the business, raising £ 25 mln from a range of equity and debt providers.

March 2012 - May 2015

Chief Executive Officer

Core Focus: Led a complete strategic, operational and financial overhaul of this challenged legacy print directory business by taking it through pre-pack administration and leading it to growth and profitability through new B2B data and subscription digital advertising services. Developed and implemented a new strategy focusing the business within structurally growing segments including digital advertising for SMBs, listings management, and B2B data licensing and solutions. Developed the strategic goals of the organisation. Led and managed pre and post-close M&A efforts and operational integration post the acquisition by the 118 Data Group.

Key Contributions:

 Rolled out major new product category straddling data and digital businesses - get me everywhere- turning the company into the UK's leading online listings distributor and platform for citations management.
 Stabilised the financially drowning organisation through a significant cost restructuring, renegotiation of legacy pension schemes and contractual agreements, and a financial restructuring process through a pre-pack administration process.
 Managed wind down of print operations in a declining market by focusing on capacity management, cost reduction and separation of back end fulfilment.
 Created and scaled the inside sales force to sustain growth to 30 agents and implemented process for best practice new business. With the new products, grew ARR from 0 to £ 10 mln in 18 months.
 Developed and implemented world-class financial reporting systems, ERP, controls, policies and procedures to facilitate the strategic plan; provided key stakeholders with insights into business operations through real-time analytics and dashboards.
 Responsible for financial planning and reporting, budget creation, treasury, and forecasting ongoing updates and monitoring.
 Assessed and evaluated financial performance of the organisation with regard to long-term operational goals, budgets and forecasts.
 Led a significant cost restructuring of the company leading to a 50% reduction in fixed personnel, G&A and IT/development and capex costs within 12 months.