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Gavin Anderson




Creative, Digital, Education, Marketing, Media, Technology

About Gavin

Gavin W H Anderson is a strategic thinker with 30 years experience of the digital space. has worked in the digital space for over 30 years starting with the APRA net, working with Microsoft and Apple for launching new products and services including Apple internal future global tech conferences. Then moving into early staff TV for the automotive industry setting up networks for Land Rover, Renault and BMW. His understanding of technology saw him be appointed Global Head of Technolgy for John Ryan delivery digital transformations for Banks including the first interactive TV banking and retail transformations for Lloyds Bank, Abbey National, Novo Rede (Portugal), Citi Bank (US) and Barclays including low security screens, interactive kiosks, staff and customer TV. Then moving to the McCann Group heading up FutureBrand Digital with offices inLondon, Berlin and Stockholm, also as a EMEA Director help run a network of 26 agencies working on British Airways, rebrand of GSK (including one of the first online Brand tool sets), brand creation for Melon Bank and speaking at various event including FT and Guardian conferences about the future of digital. After leaving McCann Gavin took a break and invented BabyTV an information screen system for pregnancy area of ante natal units in the UK, now in 143 hospitals reaching 73% of all pregnant woman in the UK, it was an Angel and VC start up that has now repaid al investment and supports a staff of 5. After "the break" he then went freelance main clients including CVC all of their global brand and investor relations communication both digital and physical, Game for a digital transformation of retail, Primark for transformation of staff spaces, Steria for a global digital sales tool kit, Chevrolet for a TV commercial.
Recent contracts include Digital and Strategy director for a specialist Automotive agency delivering digital engagement to live motor racing for Dunlop, Digital customer engagement strategy and set up for Mercedes-Benz Cars UK, Digital Strategy for Whirlpool campaigns (including AR app for sales support). Currently completed a digital marketing transformation for a UK University delivery +29% intake in a -4% market, helped Yamaha Music move into the digital space with popups, live streaming and social strategy, finally finishing a consultancy at an award winning B2B automotive agency and this thinking this year is included in Madrid IE degree course on the IoT in module one "understanding Ai, ML and deep learning". Currently Digital Strategy Director at Prospect Design (Service design company), Head of Strategy @ Tribe First a crowd funding agency, Founder of N2Collective a virtual agency.
Innovation drives Gavin a mix of a deep understanding of technology and customer behaviour is applied to objective focused strategies his real world experience of taking a business from start up to debt free profit gives him a practical experience of business growth and challenges.

Gavin's Career History

January 2016 - Ongoing
Prospect Design

Digital Stratergy