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Giles Rhys Jones


Learn more about Giles Contact Giles

Giles Rhys Jones


Learn more about Giles Contact Giles

About Giles

I am CMO of a 150 person tech startup changing the world for the better by addressing it all with just 3 words. It’s a lot of fun.

Joining a team of five after seed funding, I helped develop the company's strategy and vision, redesigned the service, app, site, identity, communication and go to market strategy. I built a team of 35 creatives, strategists, PR, account and production folk making epic work to promote what3words and then work with our customers to promote our partnership. We have just closed our Series C at a valuation of £150 million.

We have addressed favelas, townships, water points, mosquito nets and music festivals. Our code has been built into cars, drones, autonomous vehicles and wearables.

We have been covered by the Economist, the BBC, Huffington Post, CNBC, WIRED and many others. We have spoke at TED and been invited to the The World Economic Forum. We have visited 10 Downing Street and have been awarded the Cannes Lion Grand Prix for Innovation.

Our in house team has made award winning ads for Airbnb, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Kakao, Tata Motors and more. Our most recent campaign in the UK saw us top both App Stores, enabled business development and saved lives by raising awareness of emergency services use of what3words.

My time at big agencies has allowed me to understand how to develop, sell and deliver global effective campaigns in complex organisations working at the highest levels. My time at startups has helped me do that on no budget with no resources and no time.

Before what3words I helped to start new agencies including Agency Republic & The Brand Company & new groups within larger agencies including the digital marketing team at Agency.com, Ogilvy Labs and Ogilvy Entertainment UK.

I was part of the team that made the multi award winning integrated digital Dove Facebook Ad Makoever, American Express Hidden Talent TV Show, IBM Wimbledon Seer Mobile Application, Philips Sound You Need To Hear This and the Hellmann's Summer Hack platform.

“Giles is one of the freshest and most perceptive thinkers I have ever worked with.” Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK & Ex-Chairman of Institute of Practitioners in Advertising


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