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Graham Wilson


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Graham Wilson


Learn more about Graham Contact Graham

About Graham

Here's what I bring and its not typical!

Over 40 years working on business, behaviour and performance. From youngest Pharma NSM to becoming a Director in building the worlds largest Pharmaceutical services business, to an exit circa £500mill.

Chairman for 6 businesses, one taken from £5- 50 mill exit, raised funds, made exits, created Millionaires and changed lives. I challenge businesses to be better, to understand themselves and their people and to focus on what creates value for business and life and that doesn't exclude process and systems.

In 2021 I joined a new AI business Ecoutai, as Chairman, fundraising to launch the first Avatar fronted conversational tech for Pharma that will bring real change at a time Doctors want to shift to online conversations, Pharma recognise this shift and need a solution and most importantly for the first time patients can be involved in the process and can get 100% compliant and consistent information whenever they need it

I utilise my experience and skills matched with an outstanding range of frameworks and methodologies that enable me to help any business through coaching and mentoring its Owners and Boards. I help them really understand the way they work together, implement processes, systems and how to innovate and collaborate to make significant impact within their marketplaces. Its about business strategies at all levels that bring synergy and results.

I love the theories and live the practice

Over the years and as a Coach, Mentor and NED I have worked with excellent people in multiple sectors. Been a Board director for over 20 businesses; i.e. Pharmaceuticals Director, Healthcare Director, Logistics chairman , manufacturing director, motor industry director, Construction adviser , Architecture Mentor, Health and beauty clinics coach. Care homes director, Domiciliary care Director, Medical technologies director, Medical Manufacturing and devices director, Healthcare services director, Consultancy groups coach, performance evaluation chairman. In all cases the issues are pretty much the same. I am not an expert in every sector, foolish to try, that's my clients and my Boards job, my expertise is in asking the right questions to transform performance.

We all benefit from an external perspective. The only reason to have a business is to sell it!
For me the underlying basis for individual and business success is based around behaviours from the top to the bottom. Too many people see this as a soft skill without understanding its the driver behind creating Value/ Wealth and making business life a joy not a drudge.
I help people who are stuck or lost to rediscover Purpose and focus
If you want to build value for your business and get your life in tune I can help and it should be fun on the way, as its where you spend most of your life.

My active director and NED roles in running businesses ensure I stay current with real issues.
I understand when its time to make the hard decisions.
Learn more on www.excelat.co.uk or https://www.linkedin.com/in/graham-wilson-177a4818/


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