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Hamish Hamilton


Learn more about Hamish Contact Hamish

Hamish Hamilton


Learn more about Hamish Contact Hamish

About Hamish

Hamish Hamilton understands the dynamics of business leaders' experiences and the need to rise to the challenge every day. With 29 years of experience operating at a board level within high growth companies, he acts as a trusted guide and performance catalyst to leaders as:-

1. Chair of CEO and C-Level Executive private advisory boards,
2. Non-Executive Director
3. Board Advisor
4. Angel Investor
5. Speaker on both Business Finance and The Role of the Finance Function

A hands-on Chartered Accountant with significant tenures, and a proven track record in, highly respected and fast-growing entrepreneurial companies. Whilst building strong relationships with boards, banks, venture capitalists and other stakeholders, I have also demonstrated an ability to develop strategy, hold people accountable and scrutinise performance and governance arrangements

Hamish's Career History

Vistage Accredited Speaker on Finance

Vistage Accredited Speaker on Finance

September 2020 - Ongoing

De-mystifying business finance and the role of the Finance function within a business. Sessions include:

1. The F Word
2. The Role of the Finance Director
3. Business FInance


Honorary Secretary ICAEW Lancashire and South Lakeland

May 2019 - Ongoing

Vistage International

Chair of Private Advisory Boards for C Level Leaders

March 2014 - Ongoing



December 2008 - Ongoing


President ICAEW Lancashire and South Lakeland

May 2018 - May 2019

Pure Leisure Group

Group Finance Director

December 2007 - December 2008

Morris Group Limited

Group Finance Director

April 1999 - March 2007

HUSCO International Limited

Finance Director - Europe

August 1993 - April 1999

Price Waterhouse

Trainee Chartered Accountant

September 1990 - August 1993


+ Construction Education Hospitality / Events Manufacturing Not for Profit / Charity Private Equity Property