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James Hunt

Bristol, City of

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Endorsed Member

James Hunt

Bristol, City of

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About James

I am an experienced, strategic Non-Executive Director and Non-Executive Chair who has spent 35 years working as an advisor and a consultant, but who is also, at the same time, an entrepreneur and investor who has taken 3 companies through to exit. I specialise in helping entrepreneurs and CEOs/MDs of small and medium-sized companies grow their businesses, execute their strategies avoid pitfalls.

My career has had two major strands which have entwined together so that I am currently an NED on 6 boards and a business advisor to half a dozen more. I have grown the skills necessary to become a 'CEO Whisperer' through 30 + years in consultancy (political, then corporate comms and PR and finally business strategy) but at the same time being an entrepreneur myself. That means i have advised some of the largest MNCs in the world, as well PMs and Presidents - but i also ran my own consulting firm, with offices in 4 countries, and then established a niche insurance brokerage, and a video-technology firm.

So I have worked in big business, but at the same time totally understand how lonely life can be as an entrepreneur and a small business leader. I know how important it is to have advisors you can trust, and the benefit that comes from confiding and talking. I help private equity and venture capital manage the 'execution risk' in SMEs where they invest, and a personable, friendly but also insistent advisor to entrepreneurs who are giving their all to succeed.

I have lived in four countries, am fluent in French, and have worked around the world. At the last count, i had worked in, or with clients/partners from, over 80 countries, all over the world.

James's Career History

The Training Marketplace

Non-Exec Director

March 2023 - Ongoing

Advising this disruptive training start-up on fundraising, market positioning and strategic growth


Non-Exec Director

January 2023 - Ongoing

Adstrum Consulting

Non-Exec Director

November 2022 - Ongoing

Pelagic Marine Network

Non-Exec Director

February 2022 - Ongoing

HD Pub Investments Ltd, trading as "Red Dragon Pubs"

Non-Exec Chairman

September 2020 - Ongoing

Laboritoire pour la Sante Animaliere

Non-Exec Director

July 2019 - Ongoing

Acquis Insurance Management

Non-Exec Director and Founder Investor

June 2011 - June 2019

Aspect Business Consulting

Managing Director and Founding Partner

November 2004 - February 2020

Hill & Knowlton

MD International Corporate Affairs

February 2002 - July 2004


Arounen Arnasalon


I have known James for many years and can confirm that James, having set up and run multiple businesses, knows what it takes to run a business. He has also sat on various boards as a Non-Exec Director and helped these businesses drive the business forward. As far as I am concerned, what makes James stand out is his no-nonsense approach to solving issues by easily breaking them down into more manageable chunks which in turn leads to better decision making.

Toby Nicol


John Chadwick



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