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Jamie Prangnell




Digital, Management Consulting, Professional Services, Technology
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About Jamie

In 2009 I formed my first (B2B) company that was an IT consultancy and sold it for quarter of a million in 2014. I then setup a software company as part of an investment consortium, eventually leaving in 2016 to setup my own digital product design and development company. During this time I invested into lots of startups and now partly own a HR solutions provider who work with large companies such as WTO, WWF, HSBC and many others. I’m also acting as the Chief Product Officer for a new start-up in Australia. In 2018 I represented the UK delegation at G20 Summit in Argentina and I've also been part of global tech leaders accelerator in Silicon Valley.

Jamie's Career History

December 2018 - Ongoing

Chief Product Officer

Currently acting as the company's Chief Product Officer, responsible for helping bring Aamica's first product to market. Working with international directors including award-winning film directors and musicians to help develop the MVP. Also invested in the business.

April 2018 - Ongoing
Bowland Solutions

Head of Product and Operations Director

Jamie joined Bowland to help take over the leadership of the software development team, to redevelop the legacy software system and to design and develop new B2B markets. Now half owner of the company. Clients include WTO, WWF, JCB, McCann, EVO, Slaughters and May, VIrgin, Abellio and many more

January 2017 - Ongoing

Founder and Owner

Wyamee is an international digital product design and development specialist that works with start-ups, scale-ups and medium-size companies across the world. In 2018 we represented the UK at the G20 Summit in Argentina for our work and we've won an innovation award through some work we did with the NHS.

We specialise in designing cutting edge user experiences for both B2C and B2B markets, helping organisations productise knowledge and services into a digital platform and ecosystem strategy. We use advanced business process modelling and design tools to help businesses articulate and architect product requirements into functional and non-functional specifications, ensuring the foundations are solid for a successful product. In terms of the product lifecycle, we take a business from an idea to UX research and market validation, design and prototyping and then the full MVP launch and beyond.

With an international network of partners, we can also help companies raise investment, writing pitches and submitting them to different investment networks.

We're trained business analysts, UX architects, product owners/managers, scrum masters and accredited in agile and project management