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John Kenneth Tyler


Learn more about John Kenneth Contact John Kenneth

John Kenneth Tyler


Learn more about John Kenneth Contact John Kenneth

About John Kenneth

An author, an educator, and an Olympic ice hockey coach, Ken Tyler specializes in guiding high performance teams, leaders and coaches through transformational change.
The breadth & depth of Ken's work is reflected in the variety of people he has advised, including entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Corporate Directors & Boards, Professional Athletes and Coaches, Sport Teams, International Organizations, Public Figures and individuals with diverse backgrounds in Europe, North America, MENA and APAC.
To world-class organizations like Zydus Wellness, AM Nomikos, PWN, OmniMedia Group, Siegwerk, Wadi Group, Fattal Holding, Premier, C&A, Corporate Connections, EO, YPO, United Nations and many others, Ken has delivered coaching and leadership programs for both the individual performers as well as lead teams. Ken has coached both the Men’s & Women’s Austrian National ice hockey team, before that teams in Switzerland, Italy and Austria. He began coaching with McGill and Windsor Universities in his twenties as the youngest head coach of a Canadian University. In his other sport, lacrosse, he founded the Austrian Lacrosse Federation and started their Men’s National Team.
He has researched, published, studied and taught Social Psychology at the Universities de Montréal, McGill and Windsor and Human Kinetics at Universities of Windsor and Waterloo. Initially he studied Politics & Economics at McMaster University.
Currently, Ken delivers Leadership Development Programs for “High Potentials”, implements “Collaborative Leadership Operating Systems” for Boards & Executive Lead Teams, and conducts “deep-dive, life-changing” Pathway Retreats for Business Leaders and Owners.
All of Ken’s coaching and leadership programs are full of very pragmatic assessments, tools, techniques & templates. He helps his clients and their teams develop a “go-to” set of resources, relationships and capacities with his “6P Leadership System”. Ken focuses on guiding each client to accept the call to a transformational journey wherein they will need to master their leadership strengths & styles in order to conquer their situational challenges. Ken's goal is to experience that “Fiero Moment”, that “winning goal” celebration, with each and every one of his clients.


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