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Mark Clough




Business Services, Management Consulting, Other, Professional Services

About Mark

If you run a small to medium sized business in the recruitment sector and find yourself thinking " we should be doing so much better . . . " then we need to speak. I'm ready to support you. I have a track record of helping SMEs in the sector accelerate growth. I combine a blend of pragmatic and imaginative thinking to current challenges with almost 40 years’ business experience, all of which I can draw on when discussing the challenges, goals and objectives for your business.

My goal is to save you valuable time, money and resources and avoid the pitfalls; I enable companies and individuals to recognise the changes in behaviour and operating style they need to make in order to achieve higher levels of performance. I transfer the lessons I have learnt from working in demanding high performance environments where results matter.

How does it work?

There are two options. If you would like longer-term support, I can provide this as a Non-Executive Director (for a limited number of companies). I’ll be with you for the long haul and my input will be advisory and challenging. Or, if you’d like more “hands on support”, than I’m happy to help in a Management Consultancy capacity.

As a consultant, I start by working with the Lockwood and Rann Discovery document which allows us to establish exactly where you and your business are. We establish your goals as a leader and for your business. We build a pragmatic plan to achieve your personal and business goals.

What do I bring to the boardroom?

I firmly believe that the blend of my career and life experiences have given me an insight on what can go right and what can go wrong in business. I'm not a fan of "plan for the worst and hope for the best"; that has an air of good and bad luck about it & implies our success is dependant on "chance", instead we will agree together some practical and realistic actions to allow controlled , sustainable growth to occur. My experience and advice will enable you to reflect on the causes of your successes and take an honest look at your disappointments. In a non-judgmental way, we extract the learning and create the right action programme to bring about a change for the better and accelerate your business growth.

Like to learn more?
Please send me a message. It all starts with a conversation.
Please feel free to contact me on 07885 447039 or email mark.clough@lockwoodandrann.com