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Mark Davison


North Yorkshire


Financial Services, Private Equity, Technology

About Mark

A senior executive with significant experience of the creation and implementation of corporate, product and acquisition strategies. He is very growth focussed and driven by a strong execution dynamic.

One of the original founders of Callcredit Ltd in 2000 (the second largest and fastest growing of the three UK Credit Reference Agencies). Mark was then part of the leadership team that subsequently created Callcredit Information Group in 2004. He is the only member of the executive team to have seen the journey through from initial creation via two rounds of Private Equity to the ultimate sale in 2018 to TransUnion for £1 Billion.

Mark's Career History

June 2019 - Ongoing
Mobysoft Ltd

Non Executive Director

Providing constructive board challenge and input to ensure that the executive team have the highest quality discussions and decisions.

Mentoring members of the board to increase capability and ensure they're ready and driving towards the next stage in their evolutionary growth journey

March 2015 - August 2018
Callcredit Information Group

Chief Data Officer

Created and lead a dedicated innovation function, focussed on industrialising the process of innovation. Successfully grew the team and embedded the process to deliver an annual return on investment of greater than 20:1 by identifying new data assets, new value from existing data and new technology to drive further insight from all group data

March 2014 - March 2015
Callcredit Information Group

International Development Director

Key leadership role leading the group’s international expansion. Role included interim MD role for GMAP subsidiary and taking responsibility for all aspects of P&L

March 2011 - March 2014
Callcredit Information Group

Architecture Director

Created and lead the group's Enterprise Architecture function ensuring that cost of change was driven down, and speed of innovation was driven up. This new function was created as the company had grown to a size and complexity that it increasingly saw the negative effects of a “bow wave” of technology debt, and an expanding and disparate technology base from acquisitions. Its primary gains were to map all systems, technology and data flows across the organisation and understand duplication, gaps and risk. This enabled us to co-ordinate and channel demand from diverse sources into single Information Services Change Program, ensuring that all IT investments were aligned to the business strategy, and provide competitive edge for the organisation

March 2000 - March 2011
Callcredit Information Group

Technology Development Director

Created and grew all aspects of the groups development functions including Software and Database Development, QA, Business Analysis, Project Management and Strategic Data Quality. Mark’s area rapidly expanded during this time period from a handful to over 120 heads