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Mark Wilson




Education, FMCG / Retail, Franchise Opportunities, Management Consulting, Professional Services

About Mark

During my business career as Managing Director of 2 family owned business I have headed teams that have delivered sales growth of £100m+ from humble beginnings; the most notable being Mamas &Papas the baby specialist. Founded by David and Luisa Scacchetti, we grew the original core UK wholesale business to include, retail, franchise, ecommerce and international wholesale divisions over a 17-year period. During this time, we transformed the business from one with a small business mentality to a business that could comfortably deliver double digit growth every year but without losing the business’s personality and values along the way.
My most recent MD role was a 4- year turnaround situation with Plum Products, the outdoor play specialist. During this time the business was returned to profitability with 50% growth in turnover and the establishment of a £4m international division from scratch.
My personal values include:
1. Customer first with every decision we make.
2. Great product and suppliers, always, no compromise.
3. Cash. Understand the cash impact of everything that we do.
4. Optimise margin, work smart. First loss is best loss, take it on the chin and move on.
5. Constant productivity and efficiency improvements. Must be better tomorrow than today otherwise we are moving backwards as our competitors improve.
6. Culture. Must be “can do” and shared by everyone.
7. Team empowerment-take ownership and share the load. Everyone must contribute to the wider business.
8. Integrity in everything we do.
9. Passion for what we do.
10. Always put the business interests first then optimise other partners interests in line with these.
As a qualified Chartered Accountant by profession I possess wide ranging financial skills and over the years have added to this in other areas particularly:
• Human Resources- For many years I operated without any “inhouse” HR resources
o Recruitment,
o Appraisal
o Development
o Disciplinary
o Redundancy
o Mentoring
o Remuneration

• Contractual /Legal
o Retail property lease negotiations (Largest lease Regent Street, £1.2m rent p.a. with The Crown Estate, shop-fit £900k)
o Supplier agreements
o Customer agreements
o Business acquisition.
o Employment contracts.
o Non- Disclosure and competition agreements.
o Contractual disputes/litigation.

• Governance
o Companies Act 2006 compliance.
o Board Meetings etiquette and procedures and creating an effective Board.
o Finance and in particular compliance with banking covenants.
o Understanding fully the Fiduciary Duties of a Director.

• Relationships Responsible For:
o Bank/Lenders
o Insurance
o Auditors
o Taxation
o Intellectual Property Lawyers
o General Lawyers
I am a very inclusive and supportive personality by nature and seek to persuade others rather than control and instruct. Together with my core skill sets, my personality makes me very suitable to work within a family owned business. This has been proven during my time at Mamas & Papas and Plum Products.
My focus is now to add value as a Non- Executive Director to an ambitious business that can make maximum use of my skill sets and whose values I share.