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Martin Wroe




Creative, Digital, Engineering, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Marketing, Professional Services, Technology

About Martin

Nothing excites me more than that moment where everything clicks into place. As a leader and business owner, ​I help people achieve that moment of clarity their business has been waiting for,​ whether it be on a strategy or personal level.

Having worked my way up from the shop floor through to director level in the manufacturing sector, I know the struggles of creating and employing a successful team - and of industry as a whole. Careful leadership enabled our business - a highly successful and profitable SME entity - to not only survive, but thrive, during the financial crash. We were able to compete within an ever-changing market. And this success attracted an international buyer.

In the years following the sale, I was responsible for developing our assets around the world. My role within this Fortune 500 company enabled me to further hone my skills to not only grow a successful UK company, but drive a truly global venture.

I bring these experiences to the table when working with clients, uncovering blind spots and identifying the opportunity within every challenge. With expertise in sales, marketing, operations, logistics, project management, customer service and exit planning, I can help structure a robust strategy for what lies ahead, and support clients as they navigate the risks.

In short, I help businesses and their leaders discover their true potential. It all starts with one question. What do you want to achieve? I’d love to know - 077730251028.

Martin's Career History

August 2016 - November 2018

Market Manager & BDM (following acquisition: Resin Surfaces)

A new role, but same old me. I’m doing some of the same roles which I previously held but also so much more. The geography which I cover has expanded along with the opportunity to work with some talented people across the world. I go where ever I’m needed most. Every day brings it’s own unique challenges and successes. Just what I like.

September 2004 - August 2016
Resin Surfaces

Commercial Director

A varied and versatile role. Covers a majority of skills. It's a good challenge and most importantly great job satisfaction.