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Michael Stewart

North Yorkshire

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Endorsed Member

Michael Stewart

North Yorkshire

Learn more about Michael Contact Michael

About Michael

The more years I work as a freelance director and NED the more I'm convinced of two factors:

1. A business that doesn't have a robust plan for success covering every area of the business and a robust system of tracking progress and holding people accountable will under-perform
2. Marketing at a strategic level (not a marketing comms level) is the engine that drives business growth and success - everything else follows on

The businesses I work with tap into my expertise across:

* Sales
* Marketing
* Business finance
* Elite sport and team performance
* Business planning

... to help them create a business which is stronger, more profitable and sustainable.

Most people hate doing business planning - time-consuming, box-ticking. tedious, long-winded ... does it achieve anything?

THE BEST OF THE BEST HAVE A PLAN ... the SAS, the Red Arrows, the most successful businesses I have worked with over the last ten years as a freelance director and NED.

I have brought my experience in the corporate world, and what I've learned working with so many owner-managed businesses together, to short-circuit and speed up the business planning process.

Get a robust plan through a series of structured workshops and key templates and let's make a start on getting done what we need to, so that your business can become stronger, more profitable and sustainable.

No-one needs 20 pages and a pile of spreadsheets that never see the light of day. A Winning Game Plan defines:

* what success looks like (not just financially)
* where we play and the promise we make to customers
* critical success factors
* key initiatives that need to be delivered
* the lead measures that are the key performance indicators.

A Winning Game Plan is a living document, updated by everyone at least every month and it holds the whole business accountable.

It's a plan that works.

Take a look at my LInked In page and the recommenations on there if you'd like to hear what others have to say about my work: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mj52art/

#Marketing non-exec director
#Marketing NED
#NED to help with business planning
#NED to help with growth planning

Michael's Career History

Ask MJS - Growth through Marketing

Freelance Commercial and Marketing Director

June 2011 - Ongoing

Engaged by more than 60 owner-managed businesses across the UK to build business and marketing plans that will see them become stronger, more profitable and more sustainable.

Business-to-business and business-to-consumer across a vast array of sectors including:

* Textiles
* Retail
* Telecoms
* Marketing services
* Cosmetics
* Cleaning
* Packaging
* Specialist PPE manufacture
* Joinery manufacture
* Construction distribution
* Surfacing contractor
* Transport and logistics
* Engineering

The Black Hole Marketing Agency

Strategic Comms Planner and Head of Digital

April 2007 - June 2011


Interactive Communications Director

March 2001 - April 2007


Internet marketing pioneer as well as various roles in sales, marketing and business finance

June 1987 - March 2001


Marcus Richard Thral


Alejandra Carreno Garzon


Marcin Pajdzik



+ Business Services Creative Digital Management Consulting Manufacturing Marketing Professional Services Technology