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Mihaela Berciu




Business Services, Digital, Energy, Engineering, Financial Services, FMCG / Retail, Franchise Opportunities, Professional Services, Technology

About Mihaela

I am a Leadership Breakthrough Specialist helping leaders and organisations to achieve the clarity they need to improve performance and drive even greater success.

Exceptional and sustained leadership comes from recognising and assessing our intent, the impact of our approach, and the steps to scaling the heights of our potential.

My approach is focused on exploring your personal and professional values, understanding your aspiration, removing barriers and visualising the path to success.

My work is all about you. Your ambition. Your values. Your style. Your success.

I pride myself on being totally independent and non-judgemental. I am not here to impose a particular methodology or thought process; everything I do is tailored around you.

I bring with me the professional expertise and personal insight to help you be truly exceptional:
• Executive Coaching Certification from Cambridge University
• Professional Image Coach Diploma from the London Image Institute & Association of Image Consultants International
• MBA from the American University in London
• Studied Psychology of Mind and Theory of Knowledge at Oxford University

My client portfolio ranges from prestigious national to large international businesses: in banking, financial consulting, pharmaceutical goods & services, FMCGs, training and coaching, retail, fashion, television and aviation services. I work with and advise board members, top-level managers, angel investors and senior professionals seeking to excel in their career and enhance their overall professional presence.

For 3 seasons (2009-2010) I produced and hosted a top ranking TV show dedicated to personal branding, professional image, personal development and career success.
I also have successfully published two best-selling books: the go to business ‘dress for success’ and business etiquette manuals for career women and businessmen, seeking to improve their personal brand at work.

Mihaela's Career History

September 2010 - Ongoing
Essential For Excellence

Essential For Excellence

I am a Leadership Breakthrough Specialist, I work with and advise board members, top-level executives and entrepreneurs seeking to experience their excellence.

I focus on exploring personal and professional values, understanding aspirations, removing barriers and visualising the path to success.


Stacey Body

Mihaela has been a mentor, leadership coach and NED to myself and my companies for over two years, and her input has been priceless. With her strategic guidance and leadership skills, she helped to create a team and culture like no other company in the sector. Her all-round business knowledge and advice have challenged me to think differently whilst being on hand at all times to provide support and help the business to grow revenue streams.

Alina Georgescu

I was working with Mihaela for more than one year and every interaction that I had it with her, helped me step by step to become a better version of who I am. She helped me to better understand my self, to acknowledge my values and how this is impacting my relationships with others: colleagues, friends, and family. Even at the beginning, our cooperation started from a professional context and business objective, the development is visible in all the aspects of my life. She is naturally involved in all the facets that are subject to discussion, always there for you with a comprehensive and deep understanding of the specifics, always on time and always prepared. Sometimes can be very emotional, and this was the beauty part of my discovery process. As she mentioned multiple times, is always about the person who is receiving, however without her sense of touching and identifying the spots that define our reactions, the result would have not been so soon visible. It was the best investment that I have done on my development in the last years. It is impressive how my team changed, during this journey, and when I see the team spirit that all motivation books or articles are speaking about, I realized that is really happening and this is because we made it possible. Me, together with my Leadership Breakthrough Specialist, or how I would like to call, the special person from my life, the one that knows the most relevant aspects of who I am and why. Thank you for this amazing ride.