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Mike Lawrence

South Yorkshire

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Endorsed Member

Mike Lawrence

South Yorkshire

Learn more about Mike Contact Mike

About Mike

Mike's career began by improving the well-being of thousands of holidaymakers through positive engagement, reassurance and mindfulness.

Mike wasn't aware at the time how valuable this knowledge and experience would become and how these skills would underpin and be pivotal to his well-being journey.

Mike has since progressed into offering a much more unique and personalised service as a well-being practitioner, which has brought him national and international acclaim and a constant stream of private and corporate clients.

After treating many hundreds of clients both here and abroad, and coaching thousands of company employees on motivation, confidence and mental well-being, the improved productivity, morale and motivation speaks for itself.

Now, with over 100 training lectures completed and speaking engagements on the topical issues of anxiety, stress and depression, the Mike Lawrence Clinic is gaining an excellent reputation.

As well as being one of the top clinics in Sheffield, it has earned robust local reviews and positive trading standards for trust, value and general excellence.

That's Mike Lawrence; his infectious smile, experience in life and sincerity guides many individuals to build their confidence to make successful and life-changing decisions in both their personal and professional lives.

Mike's Career History

Mike Lawrence Health & Wellbeing Management Consultancy

Health & Wellbeing Management Consultant

October 2017 - Ongoing

Delivering much more than your typical wellbeing practitioner, Mike Lawrence’s knowledge, experience and achievements have not only brought him national and international acclaim, but a constant stream of private and corporate clients.

Mike began his career in the leisure and hospitality sector, improving the wellbeing of thousands of Butlins’ holidaymakers through positive engagement, reassurance and mindfulness. He also treated hundreds of more clients from the UK and abroad who suffered from a range of multi-skeletal conditions, including sciatica, tennis elbow and lower back pain.

Hand-picked as one of the top three clinics in the city also a Westfield Health Wellbeing Coach.

More recently, he was chosen as a winner in the 2019 Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards hosted by GHP-News.

Mike’s passion is to help others become the best version of themselves on every level. The results his clients enjoy are consistently outstanding, and they also have a beneficial effect on an individual’s colleagues, their environment and family, and the community that surrounds them.

Selected to mentor offer business advice and support on behalf of the Prince's Trust.

I’m always interested in hearing from Business Owners or Entrepreneurs who are looking to collaborate. HR Business Partners or Managers who are considering implementing a Health & Wellbeing solution within their organisation. Please contact me via InMail.

Nouveau Beauty Group

Sales & Marketing Manager

January 2013 - November 2017


Jan Hall


I’ve been working with Mike for several years now. Mike is a very gifted practitioner who had most certainly found his calling. The impact he has had on my life, in so many areas, has been nothing short of remarkable. I would have been happy to pay him 10 times his fees for the value he’s provided to me over the years. I’m truly proud to call him a friend as well as a much valued mentor and adviser.

Jason Scholey



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