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Natasha Collins


Learn more about Natasha Contact Natasha

Natasha Collins


Learn more about Natasha Contact Natasha

About Natasha

I’m a Chartered Surveyor specialising in asset management and property investment strategy, Property Investor, Lecturer and CEO of NC Real Estate. I have been in the property industry since 2009. Starting off as a letting agent to fund my way through University, I found myself in the deep end when taken on as a graduate property manager in South West London at 21. Within 3 months I became head of asset management and worked with large Estates such as the NHS and Sloane Stanley. During that time I achieved my Masters in Surveying through the University of Reading and successfully passed my APC to become a chartered surveyor.

During this time I built my small but mighty property portfolio on the belief that quality is far better than quantity and this funded her next move.

In 2016 I founded NC Real Estate which specialises in Asset Management and Property Investment Strategy for commercial and mixed use property in the UK. My firms’ goal are to help Property Investors build property portfolios that align with their goals. I work with clients from around the world who want to invest in the UK Property Market through our Members Club and Asset Management services.


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