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Patrick Ricketts

West Midlands

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Endorsed Member

Patrick Ricketts

West Midlands

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About Patrick

I focus on improving customer retention and productivity, increasing sales, and reducing waste, variable/fixed costs. Ultimately, improving their personal performance and career advancement.

I help business owners be the best they can be by taking the time to get to the core of their business to understand their struggles; I then support them to maximise performance through their teams to help deliver better results.

The business owner gets time back to do the things they are good at and see their business in a more balanced way; they perform better, sleep better, and achieve their goals quicker. They've also learned techniques to keep on course and achieve sustainable growth.

I want to ask you:
- How would the recovery of your business, improving customer loyalty, and improving employee satisfaction aid you?
- What it would feel like if your strategy and leadership were fixed allowing you more time to develop your client relationships?
- Growing your business in a sustainable way and get some work-life balance back, how would that make you feel?

If you can relate to this and are committed to improving your business, focus on your goals to reach them quicker and easier. I can guide, support, and show you in the following crucial areas:

• Structure and Processes
• Customer Retention
• Business and Operational Analysis, Improvement & Development
• Strategic Thinking and Business Planning
• Customer and Employee Relationship Management
• Business Turnaround and Transformation
• Sales Structure and Management
• Account Management

In my experience, I’ve found that businesses can become staid and paralysed to make crucial decisions, which help to propel them forward. I am passionate about sharing my skills and knowledge to see your businesses grow in a sustainable way.

Patrick's Career History

Ubico Ltd

Non-Executive Director

December 2019 - Ongoing

Independent Non-Executive Director challenging the business in the right way as an advisory figure. In my 1st quarter, I have given advice that was well received by the executive team on Business Plan which was largely adopted and then accepted by the shareholders. Suggestions for ensuring business continuity have been taken on board and used as a basis for ensuring there is resilience around within the senior team.


Area Director

July 2017 - May 2019

Elis (formally Berendsen UK)

Regional Director

July 2008 - June 2017


John Bampkin


Patrick has a wealth of operational and customer service experience and would be a great addition to any board. He is always very open and honest and has a strong capability for out of the box thinking coupled with a pragmatic approach to any tasks or plans.

Beth Boughton


Jon Wellman



+ Business Services Environmental Management Consulting Not for Profit / Charity Public Sector