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Peter Dickinson




Business Services, Construction, Digital, Education, Engineering, Environmental

About Peter

Connected to a large network of company owners and leaders, Peter Dickinson is an experienced Business and Digital Coach. Peter helps companies drive growth and has worked with over 400 companies across a wide range of sectors over many years.

Having an MBA(Open) and a IT Chartered Professional with years of experience implementing technology, Peter is also a technology & digital marketing specialist. He has helped companies achieve a strategic advantage through the use of technology to deliver far better products or services to their customers whilst stripping out cost.

Starting with WHY you do what you do, Peter will look at what differentiates what you do from the competition. This is a great source of ideas for doing more of what really benefits your customers and this in turn helps to clarify the marketing message and will drive more profitable sales for key growth.

For example, we have supported a metal fabrication business to setup and grow an online shop selling business to business to achieve £180k 2018/2019 and targeted to grow to £250k this year. We also helped the company grow from £1.8m to £3m and supported the secession from father to son.

Working with the team at KUB, Peter can take away the pain of running your digital marketing by coordinating all your digital marketing activities or if it makes more sense for your business, help you develop in your own in house capability and then help you bring in specialists to do the more technical specialist roles.

If your scoreboard is down, you may want to consider the following services:

• Digital Marketing Coordinator
• Social Media Management
• LinkedIn Lead Generation
• Content Writing
• Video Production

The structured approach, experience and qualifications means that Peter can help your business achieve sustainable high growth. Contact details are as followed: growth@kub-uk.net or call on 0333 050 9053

Peter's Career History

June 2001 - Ongoing
Manchester/North West /Midlands

Managing Director | Business Coach | Digital Marketing Specialist

KUB is Hybrid Digital Marketing Agency and Business Coaching Business to help you grow your business.

So what is a hybrid digital marketing agency? Most agencies want to do the work for you. We are different. We love to do the work for you but we recognise that some companies want to or need to do it for themselves.

So we offer the following so that we can help you grow your business in the way that suits you:

- Social Media Management Services. We will drive your social media for you.
- LinkedIn Lead Generation. We will build up your following on LinkedIn and generate new business for you.
- Content Creation and Management. We will create regular content for and help build your presence.
- Social Media training. We will train you on how to to use digital marketing effectively
- LinkedIn Lead Generation training. We will train you on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads
- Digital Marketing Management. We will manage your digital marketing for you.
- Digital Marketing Coaching. We will help you manage your digital marketing so that you can develop your internal expertise within the business.
- Business Growth Coaching. We will help you grow your business and help you grow your expertise in managing a growing business.

We have developed our services over the years following feedback from our customers so that wherever you are on your growth journey we can help you make growth faster and more efficient so that you can achieve your dreams faster. See less

July 1999 - March 2001
Macclesfield / Leeds

Managing Director

The Effluents Services Group, based south of Manchester, supplied waste management solutions to industrial customers and comprised of three divisions: Transorganics Ltd, ESL Industrial Waste Management and Marine. Budgeted turnover was £4.5m, £2m and £230k respectively and the Group employed 90 people in total.Following extensive analysis I made the decision that the receiver should be called in as a direct result of the major loss in turnover caused by the Foot and Mouth crisis.I started working for the Group as an independent consultant in 1994. In July 1999 the Chairman realised that drastic action was required after the departure of the Group Managing Director and the General and Sales Managers for Transorganics. I was appointed General Manager for Transorganics in the July and became the Group Managing Director in October 1999.


Ian Wright

I have bounced ideas off Peter and on one occasion his business assisted with an online business I was invested in. I cannot fault his approach, knowledge or ethics.