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Rob Noble




Business Services, Digital, FMCG / Retail, Management Consulting, Marketing, Media, Private Equity, Professional Services, Technology

About Rob

An energetic & experienced company director, chairman, digital non-exec & consultant with a proven track record of creating rapid growth & profit in digital, technology & professional services businesses.

I get start-ups & their need to have a responsive, flexible & committed leadership team, who also have a sense of humour. I also believe you need to underpin this with sound strategic business thinking & just enough process to drive success & growth. Timing & execution are, as always, key.

After a successful corporate career of 26 years (starting as an Engineer and concluded on European board of IBM/Lotus), I chose to focus on tech. start-ups & turnarounds. A decade ago, I started combining my full-time exec. with non-exec. directorship work, while still running my own consultancy. Following another successful exit; the last 7 years have been purely focused on non-exec work & my consultancy, with board positions in the UK, USA, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria & Germany plus 4 very successful exits in the last 5 years.

I also look after the corporate private office of a very successful international entrepreneur, which includes managing a highly complex global restructuring, working closely with one of the “Big 4” consultancies & a leading international law firm, as well as driving the pivot strategy of a US tech. start-up.

Rob's Career History

January 2018 - Ongoing
The Webinar Vet

Chair (non-exec)

The Webinar Vet is Europe's leading provider of high quality professional training for vets utilising an advanced webinar platform.

The Webinar Vet offers an advanced online platform whereby practicing vets & other associated veterinary professionals, can carry out their professional development training & compulsory CPD in the comfort of their own home or practices, at a time convenient to them. The platform enables some of the most prestigious and internationally eminent experts in Veterinary Science today to contribute to the webinars, ensuring the content is of the highest level at all times

August 2015 - Ongoing

Chair (non-exec)

MBA-IT is a company that delivers really useful tech to really great businesses.

Offerings cover the complete IT spectrum. Whether clients need to manage their growing IT operations in our hosted cloud; get professional advice on IT best practices; or harness the latest hardware and software to empower their business; our team can help

October 2014 - Ongoing
Acquire Performance Marketing

Non-exec Chair

Affiliate management specialists. Working closing with advertisers to plan, craft and orchestrate powerful global affiliate marketing programmes that drive top line growth and incremental value

September 2002 - Ongoing
Fidem Limited

Bespoke consultancy service offering:
* Incubator, Investment & Start-up support services
* International Director Services
* Private Office Management - International
* Digital growth strategies
* Online impact analysis
* Company Secretarial, Legal & Company Formation services
* Fundraising
* International & Corporate Restructuring
* International Growth
* Personnel & HR services
* Business Planning & Execution
* Agile Development strategy