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Sameer Rahman


South Glamorgan


Business Services, Financial Services, Insurance, Management Consulting, Marketing, Not for Profit / Charity

About Sameer

Sameer brings a wealth of expertise to support the commercial and marketing functions focusing mainly focusing on data to drive business and growth strategies. He has served in various executive, advisory and non-executive positions over the last 5-10 years and is a serving non-executive director in Glamorgan Cricket Club, Millennium Stadium and Alliance Homes.
Career span - After completing a Computer Science Engineering degree and a Master’s in business management, Sameer joined HMRC in their Tax Credits team for a short stint before moving onto HBOS (when Lloyds and HBOS were separate entities) as an analyst. From HBOS to Lloyds as a Credit Risk Analyst. After that, he made the move pre 2007 crisis to work in the sub-prime sector as a senior marketing analyst. It was during this time, he found my mojo, with his head in data and heart in marketing. From there, Sameer’s career very much turbo charged to drive marketing outcomes through clever use of data. He then moved on to senior data-led marketing role in GoCompare to lead their Modelling, Planning and Propositions team. He then switched agency side, joining Kin + Carta as Director of Data Science at Edit. While there, he developed data science functions and teams, won awards, co-authored books on predictive modelling, and served as a non-executive director in various organisations. In a way, life has come a full circle and Sameer is currently back working in the public sector for The Royal Mint, leading its data transformation programme as Director of Insight.
Sameer is a published international author and speaker on data and machine learning related topics and sees the application of data as vital to the growth of the Business Butler.

Sameer's Career History

January 2020 - Ongoing
Glamorgan Cricket Club

Non-Executive Director

Help shape the Commercial and Marketing strategy for the Glamorgan cricket club
Help grow the game of cricket for all age groups and bring more cricket to Wales
Drive the Data and Digital transformation of the Glamorgan Cricket Club
Support the Glamorgan Board in bring in more revenues from Sponsorship, Ticketing and other propositions
Part of the Glamorgan pitching team for the new International T20 competition in 2020

August 2019 - Ongoing
The Royal Mint

Director of Data and Insight

Part of the leadership team at The Royal Mint, specifically recruited to drive enterprise level change through data-led practices

Help with Royal Mint reinvention plan and to make The Royal Mint a truly data-driven organisation

Embedding data and analytics in the decision architecture of The Royal Mint

Disruptive role to bring about a cultural change at The Royal Mint through making and socialising the data vision

Lead and own the data and insight strategy

Building data into decision making processes across the organisation and embed data-led practices firmly in the culture of the business

Raise the profile of the Insight and Data Science team to make it as an integral part of the The Mint

Reinforce current business model at The Royal Mint through data led practice

Drive the personalisation agenda and use data to make The Royal Mint truly customer centric

Drive business growth at The Royal Mint by using data as a strategic asset to identify market gaps

Establish business KPIs that truly reflect the health of the business

Deploy advanced analytics and automation at The Royal Mint to drive better decision making and operational efficiency

May 2019 - Ongoing
Alliance Homes

Non-Executive Director

To bring the specialist data and digital knowledge to the Alliance Homes Group Board
To lead the digitization of Alliance Homes
Part of the Audit and Risk Committee and the Insight Committee
Bring in outside industry knowledge and a diverse and fresh perspective to decision making
To help the executive team at Alliance Homes in strategy formulation
To help develop and advise on the right KPIs to ensure performance is monitored and reported with the right metrics
To drive the culture of evidence-based decision making to de-risk strategic decisions

October 2012 - February 2015

Head of Data Science

Manage the marketing planning, propositions and the modelling team
Led advanced analytics projects such as Econometrics modellng, Attribution modelling and Segmentation to drive marketing optimisation
Responsible for planning a marketing budget in excess of £50m
Supervised development of predictive models througout the cusotmer journey (Acquisition models, cross-sell models, churn models, reactivate models, uplift models)
Market Sizing
Web Analytic