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Samuel Beatson


South Yorkshire


Banking, Digital, Education, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Public Sector

About Samuel

Dr Sam Beatson is a senior specialist advisor with high level financial, data scientist, policy evaluation and econometrics capabilities. He is a lecturer in finance, risk and banking and has held senior positions on boards, operational and analytical teams across government in high impact national policy projects. He has also been Chairman of the Civilian Committee for RAF Air Cadet Sqn 367 and Treasurer for Church Action on Poverty (Sheffield).

Sam was the principal econometrician responsible for costing and modelling for the refresh of the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) formula for 2017/18 allocations for the NHS executive, answerable to the Chief Economist, Head of Analytical Finance, Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA) and the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). He led economic analysts in their proposal for the south of England offshore marine plans in 2016 as a senior peer reviewer and mentor, a project to assess the business impact of current offshore marine plans.

Sam is published internationally in policy institute publications, peer-reviewed periodicals and journalistic media such as Financial Times, the Telegraph, the Diplomat and others. Sam was recently featured on BBC Business News Live. Sam has presented to diverse audiences at several international conferences, symposia, roundtables and discovery workshops and has consulted the department of health, NHS England, MMO and advised FCO colleagues on a number of finance and economics-centred projects, in addition to his work with KPMG, PWC, Deloitte and hedge funds and private equity firms.

Sam undertook his Ph.D. at Nottingham University where he was the recipient of a number of awards and scholarships. His these was entitled ‘Foreign Investors in the Chinese Stock Market’.

Sam has been working with big data in the corporate finance, investments and healthcare modelling space for more than ten years, utilizing econometric methods & programming for analysis of corporate and financial data, solving problems concerning the irregularity of different datasets, quantifying qualitative data and designing and testing econometric models for the analysis of business performances.

He has taught Masters Students in finance and economics in addition to empirical methodology, analysis & interpretation. He has previously been awarded a medical-related degree from the University of Sheffield & was the recipient of a prestigious award for his teaching at Nottingham.

Most recently Sam has been commended for his performance during covid-recovery in service to HMCTS (MoJ) prior to and during Covid-19 recovery and for his work in the UK Government Data Task Force and Building Digital UK where he received an award for the evaluation of this UK-wide government-commercial collaboration programme.