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Shekhar Varma


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Endorsed Member

Shekhar Varma


Learn more about Shekhar Contact Shekhar

About Shekhar

Having operated at the sharp end of the business world for over 30 years have created a key skillset for being able to take an outside/in view if a business, and its competitive landscape, and work with the leadership to craft a strategic plan for success.

Leveraging the right people, processes, and technology a business can make great strides in client engagement and business development without simply spending on expensive, and often ineffective marketing and ad projects.

The key to a business creating sustainable and deliverable growth is in understanding its vision and purpose, refining its value proposition, and having a culture and strategy focused on energising its high-performance team members to strive for those clear goals.

Having worked in start-ups and ramp ups for over a decade I know first-hand how to work with a CEO to define the way forward, understand the ideal client, and energise a team to engage and execute whilst ensuring operational excellence is maintained.

Equally well placed to leverage my extensive coaching and mentoring skillset to take any key stakeholder on the journey and bridge knowledge and confidence gaps so good can become great swiftly.

I revel in seeing a business grow rapidly, sustainably and with a content internal staff culture and external client base and am now looking to add a small set of Non-Executive roles to my portfolio where such a board can benefit from my insight, knowledge and drive for success.

Shekhar's Career History

Coach Strategic Growth For Enterprise SGFE

Associate Partner

January 2021 - Ongoing

Powered by Shirlaws

Business Coach Specialist

August 2019 - Ongoing

Team Effectiveness


January 2016 - Ongoing

SDV Training Ltd

Managing Partner

March 1996 - Ongoing


Andrew Bowers


I've had the pleasure of working with Shekhar for a number of years and always look forward to our meetings. Although we have scheduled fortnightly meetings he always makes himself available for a chat when I need help or guidance. He is incredibly knowledgeable in sales and marketing as well as day to day business matters and has a way of explaining things that are easy to understand and implement. I believe that we will continue to work with Shekhar for many years to come and would highly recommend him to everyone

Kam Kothia



+ Financial Services Manufacturing Technology