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Simon Meadows




Construction, Digital, Technology

About Simon

As an Entrepreneur since 1994 & published author, using my vast business & coaching experience, my mission and passion is to enable each person & organisation that I speak with, to become more successful. Working with businesses and coaches around the globe, from New Zealand, through Europe, the UK & over to North America they benefit from hands-on direction, coaching & world renowned business growth tactics.

I am committed to every client's success, working to our key values of plain speaking, sleeves rolled up hard work, guaranteed results & work/life ethics.

The 4 Most Important Things You Should Know About Me

1) Principal Business Coach, Advisor & Business Growth Accelerator. (2009 to Present)
Has worked with over 140 businesses in the UK & globally. Has achieved measurable results within the Retail, Financial, Construction, Medical, IT and Training Sectors. Developed his unique hands-on business coaching system using The 5 Steps to Success, The One-Page Business Plan and more.

2) Multiple Business Owner & Industry Entrepreneur. (1994 to 2009)
Has built successful SME businesses in Retail, Importing, Construction and Aviation from inception through incubation, through growth, to successful disposal, achieving outstanding net profit levels in excess of 64%. Created processes releasing high levels of personal time & money. Has developed & chaired several industry groups.

3) Workplace Coach & Mentor. (1991 to 2008)
Qualifying in performance coaching and team building in 1992, used innovative techniques to mentor & coach national, regional and local companies. Has personally coached over 160 business owners & managers within small to medium sized enterprises delivering substantial ROI enabling them to achieve both personal & business goals.

4) Driven Lifestyle Achiever and Hobbyist. (1994 to Present)
Voracious reader & listener of titles on business leadership and management, motivation and theology. Enjoy skiing, cycling, motorsports & looking after the animals at home!