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Simone D. Casadei Bernardi




Business Services, Financial Services, Management Consulting

About Simone D.

I'm co-founder and managing director of Blockchain ConsultUs Ltd., which provides pan-European legal, compliance, and strategy advice to implement Blockchain in our customers' businesses. I'm in charge of legal/compliance supervision of the projects we're involved in.

FinTech and Blockchain are my main fields of interest, and I'm continuously studying them and their applications.

I like to believe that my customers are in skilful hands: knowledge, trust, expertise and confidentiality are the values that inspire my life and professional relationships.

When I approach a new project, my first thought isn't "Which parts of it could harm the shareholders or the board?" To identify weaknesses and risks is just a small portion of my job—I do prefer to find solutions that combine the business' needs with law and regulations. Only in doing so, I feel that my clients get value for money. A project can benefit from the legal framework of country "A" and be impossible to be run under the statutory scheme of country "B". That's why I spend countless hours catching up on the latest pieces of law in several European jurisdictions.

My customers say I can make extremely complicated details easy for business people to understand and digest. Further, according to them, I'm the calm in the storm. Probably, this is the spirit that led me to write my latest book "Blockchain Regulatory Compliance Made Easy" (https://www.blockchainregulatorycompliance.com).

Simone D.'s Career History

October 2018 - Ongoing
Blockchain ConsultUs Ltd.

Senior Managing Partner (Legal & Compliance)

Blockchain ConsultUs is a boutique consulting firm that provides pan-European legal, compliance and strategy advice to Blockchain/FinTech businesses.

August 2008 - Ongoing
European Business Advisory Ltd.

Managing Director

European Business Advisory delivers company formation, internationalisation, accounting, controlling, internal auditing, consulting, and advisory services

January 2007 - August 2014

Controller & Business Consultant

Imprendere provided tools for a correct and optimal management of business development and business growth