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Stevan Jackson


West Midlands


Government, Healthcare, Hospitality / Events, NGO, Not for Profit / Charity, Public Sector

About Stevan

Hi, I'm Stevan Jackson (linkedin.com/in/stevan-jackson). I didn't make the best of starts in life as an educational failure, homeless, jobless and with a criminal record. I turned that around by joining the Royal Navy at age 20, was commissioned as an Officer at age 28 and reached the rank of Captain after interesting and challenging posts at sea, abroad and ashore. Since then I've been a Board Chair, CEO and MD and a University Lecturer on leadership. I'm also an experienced Alpine & Himalayan Mountaineer with some notable ascents of some of the hardest routes on the worlds highest mountains. My aim now is to use this hard-won experience to help business leaders turn their mountains into molehills.

Stevan's Career History

January 2020 - Ongoing
Vistage International (UK) Ltd

Vistage Chair | Executive Coach & Mentor | Trusted Adviser to Business Leaders

After 40 years in senior leadership roles, during which I experienced the benefits of Vistage membership - I decided to become a Vistage Chair and help other business leaders to be the best version of themselves and accelerate their business growth. I am currently selecting high performing business leaders for my Dudley Vistage group, to help them achieve even greater success. I am available for a NED role.

April 2015 - April 2016
Hospice Quality Partnership Ltd


HQP is a company limited by shares (owned by the partner hospices it serves) that has four key areas of work:
• Reducing Cost:
o Economies of scale through collective procurement.
o Procurement advice and support.
o Reducing opportunity cost.
o Reducing process cost.
• Improving quality of service from suppliers – buying power.
• Benchmarking – HQP collects unique expenditure data.
• Creating value by working together to develop revenue-earning initiatives.

September 2013 - January 2020
The Mary Stevens Hospice Group

Group CEO

For 6 years I led a multi-disciplinary team of 685 staff & volunteers caring for people with progressive terminal illnesses in a complex business with an annual turnover of almost £8M. I chaired two subsidiary businesses that contributed significantly to the £3.5M needed annually to fund care services. I was their first Full-Time CEO and transformed the organisation from being a small independent hospice to being a mainstream provider of essential health services, assessed as 'Outstanding' by the Care Quality Commission, that is fully integrated into the local health economy and 'doing more for more people'.