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Steve Songaila


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Endorsed Member

Steve Songaila


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About Steve

An experienced C suite leader who has helped businesses across the globe get there quicker, faster, leaner and above all with sustainable profitability.

With an unshakeable belief that change can be exciting, engaging and for the good of all connected with a business when all key stakeholders go on the journey, helps craft a business with a true DNA and Purpose that drives results.

Leveraging a key ability to take an outside/in view of a business and help its board create a strategy and structure for growth that will scale the business leveraging its people, technology and processes to maximise the opportunity landscape.

Having operated at all levels of industry and on an international scale can also help a business not only achieve operational and growth excellence but also craft a framework for strong governance and succession planning.

Now looking at add additional Non-Exec positions to my portfolio where a desire to drive improvement and change can be leveraged by a like minded board to great effect.

Steve's Career History

The Edge Picture Company

Commercial Director/Country Director - Qatar

January 2022 - Ongoing

We’re storytellers with purpose – and we never stand still. We embrace the latest ideas, technology, techniques, and delivery methods to ensure your project is outstanding and delivered to your agreed budget.

We have been been working all over the world since 1991, delivering some truly special moments for all kinds of clients: governments, businesses, charities… the works.

We think we’re pretty good at what we do – and we’ve got the recognition to back that up. As well as racking up over 700 international awards to date, we’re incredibly proud to be the only company so far to be named New York Festivals TV & Film Awards’ Production Company of the Year Worldwide (15 years running).

If you want your message to be seen, heard, and to have a real, lasting impact, we want to hear from you

Drive Life Well

Management Consultant

March 2018 - Ongoing

OrchardWorld Limited

Transformation Director

July 2018 - January 2022

Twin Systems PLC


August 1990 - March 2018


Phil Helsey


Andrew Frater


Rob Bostock


Bob Bradley



+ Automotive Business Services Construction Digital Energy Engineering Environmental FMCG / Retail Management Consulting Manufacturing Marketing Media Oil & Gas Pharmaceutical Private Equity Professional Services Property Technology