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Steven Strange


Ar Riyad


Business Services, Education, Engineering, Government, Management Consulting, Public Sector, Technology

About Steven

A proven leader, Chartered Engineer and decision maker operating at Senior Executive level within operational delivery who has consistently delivered under pressure and in the most demanding of environments. Possessing excellent communication skills, able to engage at every level and across organisations and cultures with a particular skill in building high performance teams and inspiring others to achieve success. Capable of managing complex programmes and taking considered risk effectively within a customer-facing environment. Experience and skills have been honed through exposure to a range of diverse fields such as corporate/military operational delivery, corporate and public sector Engineering Support and Programme Management, Requirements Management, Human Resources, dynamic high impact training delivery, International Defence Diplomacy and Consultancy. Fully able to adapt a comprehensive skillset to any environment with extensive experience of working within the Middle East.

Steven's Career History

January 2019 - Ongoing
BAE Systems Saudi Development and Training

Head of Operations/Deputy Project Director

Head of Operations and Deputy Project Director operating at Senior Executive level implementing a multi-million pound contract from mobilisation to steady-state delivery of Naval Technical Training to the Royal Saudi Naval Forces.

January 2018 - January 2019
RB Safety Consultants Ltd

Principal Engineer

Principal Engineer engaged on major high-impact, critical and highly classified UK Defence strategic transformation programmes within the area of Risk and Resilience covering a 50+ year timeframe. This involved understanding and simplifying complexity, identification and close engagement with stakeholders thereby generating trust, and delivering to tight timescales.

January 2018 - Ongoing
Thrive Partners Ltd

Executive Coach

Provision of online on-demand coaching capability at short notice to clients from a multitude of industries across the globe using a condensed capsule coaching methodology.

May 1985 - January 2018
Royal Navy

Royal Navy Weapon Engineer Submariner Officer

Served in a multitude of delivery areas, at sea and ashore from Junior Rating (Artificer Apprentice) to Submarine Weapon Engineer Officer (Commander) in the Royal Navy, Civil Service (Defence Equipment and Support), Commercial Sector (Babcock International Ltd) and within UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office abroad. Last assignment in uniform was:

Maritime Security Advisor – HM British Embassy Saudi Arabia/Yemen 2016-2017
- On behalf of the UK Government displaced HM Embassy Sanaa, formulation and provision of Maritime Security advice during a period of intense conflict in Yemen.
- Successfully formulated an innovative strategy to grow the Yemen Coast Guard maritime capability, to be implemented following an eventual Cessation of Hostilities in the current war in the Republic of Yemen.
- Successfully corralled and coordinated all independent International Governmental initiatives under one over-arching strategy, and sequenced key milestones to achieve synergy. This resulted in the formulation of a coherent plan for the future of Yemeni Maritime Security in the strategic waters surrounding Yemen post-civil war which was approved by the legitimate Yemeni Government.
- Achieved funding via HM Home Office for the refit of existing Yemeni Coastguard vessels and arranged UN crew training.
- Coordinated UN Humanitarian aid relief efforts throughout the Yemeni conflict.