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Tim Croston




FMCG / Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Property

About Tim

Executive and non-executive plc board member with experience of the FMCG, healthcare, plastics and aerospace sectors and a track record of delivering sustained growth (Nichols plc has grown from a market capitalisation of £110m to £650m during my tenure).
Planning to develop a balanced portfolio of non-executive roles.

o Strategic planning – lead Nichols plc’s successful strategic planning process to create a clear vision for the future
o M&A – identified, negotiated and managed several deals in recent years
o International – export experience and several international assignments in the USA, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe
o Plc Investor relations – head Nichols’ investor communications & financial PR activities
o Governance – Chair Riverside’s Group Audit Committee & lead Nichols’ governance process and adherence to the QCA governance code
o Leadership – leadership of finance, IT, supply chain and legal teams
o Challenging – confident to challenge in a respectful manner
o Analytical – quick to get to the core of an issue
o Principled – passionate about doing the ‘right thing’

Non-executive experience:

o Sep 17 to date – NED & Chair of Group Audit Committee, The Riverside Group Limited. 6th largest Housing Association, annual income c£330m, 55,000 properties & 2,500 staff
o Riverside was recently awarded G1/V1 status, the top award for governance and viability from the Housing Regulator.
o Growing commercial agenda as Riverside invests in private housing developments
o Improved risk management process and culture across the Group
o Developed a strong committee team with a balance of sector experience, knowledge of Riverside and commercial skills.

o Jan 17 to date - Investor and NED with Just Bee Drinks Ltd, a start-up soft drinks business.
Supporting the founders using my business skills and sector experience to advise and add value in the challenging early stages of establishing a new business.

o Currently Chair of the North West Finance Directors networking group. The group has approximately 20 members from a diverse range of companies both public and private.

Tim's Career History

September 2017 - Ongoing
The Riverside Group Limited

NED & Audit Chair

Riverside is one of the top ten housing associations in the UK with a t/o of £330m and >55,000 properties.
In addition to the social agenda, the Group has a growing commercial plan investing in private sector private property developments.

November 2005 - Ongoing
Nichols plc

Group CFO

I have recently announced that I will be stepping down from Nichols plc in the spring of 2020. After 15 years with the Group and 10 successful (market cap from £140m to £600m) years as CFO, I have decided to move on to the next stage of my career.