Talent on tap for Founders

Empowering Founders with Access to Expertise

The VNXD Operator Network opens a gateway for founders to connect with tens of thousands of board and sector experts, revolutionising the way private companies navigate their growth paths.

This access breaks away from the constraints of conventional, slow, and expensive hiring methods, serving as a critical resource for founders, enabling them to rapidly onboard industry veterans and governance leaders who can offer strategic guidance, operational insights, and sector-specific advice, propelling their ventures forward.

Our operations team focuses on

One platform,
no recruiter fees or commissions

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This is your opportunity to learn directly from professionals about how our platform can streamline your hiring process, connect you with top talent, and save you significant costs on recruitment.

Whether you are an investor (PE, VC or Family Office) or a entrepreneur looking to catapult your growth business, this is for you.