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Virtual Speed Networking

The No1 networking tool for non-executives and business owners

The Virtual Speed Networking (VSN) event has become an acclaimed cornerstone of the Virtualnonexecs networking calendar. Each fortnight, we assemble between 200 and 400 non-executives, company owners and professional advisors to meet in a virtual, fun setting.

Whether you are a seasoned non-executive director or you are starting to think about building a portfolio of clients, the Virtual Speed Networking event is for you.



The process that we use to connect you with company founders and other peers is via a Zoom call. The event is 60 minutes in duration and will be hosted by one of the directors of Virtualnonexecs.com.

The premise of the VSN originated from the knowledge that most non-executive director or board advisor roles do not emanate from recruiters or even your first degree contacts; they often find you because you are “known”. Think about introductions you have had to businesses in the past and it is likely that these introductions have come from second and third degree connections, not those who you spend the most time with.

Virtual Speed Networking is a fortnightly event and takes just one hour of your time.


Are you great at the elevator pitch? Most people aren’t. But Virtual Networking helps you define your value proposition and focuses your pitch on exactly how you can help businesses and of course other peers.

In 60 minutes, you will automatically switch between meetings. On one call you are sat with the CEO and founder of a SME and on another call you are sat with a Partner of a consulting firm who likely advises hundreds of clients. The serendipitous nature of the VSN has effected many introduction to successful non-executive and chair appointments over the years. It is an event that thousands of professionals, just like yourself, have relied on to build out their portfolio of clients and business introducers.


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