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World Class Support

Virtualnonexecs is not a job board. Our Membership Support team are there to ensure you maximise the ROI of your Lifetime Membership and any further non-executive career tools you choose to add.

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Telephone Support

Something that has almost disappeared in modern life - a human at the end of a phone line. We are here to help build you non-exec portfolio.

Career Transitioning

We help 1000s of senior executives and entrepreneurs by allowing access to the largest peer-2-peer led community in the space. Our suite of tools are built with this in mind.

Lifetime Membership

Our Lifetime Membership means that you will have permanent access to your profile (allowing companies to contact you directly), the jobs area and The Academy (a document library of career guides, hints and tips).


Everything you need to build a successful board advisor portfolio

Do not waste £1000s on “Consultants” and “Pay Wall” Job Boards. Select our Lifetime Membership and add any extra support products you require.

Community Hub Access

Connect and network with 1000s of successful non-executives, company owners and advisory firms.

CV ATS Tools

Fed up of not hearing back when applying? Your CV is probably stuck in the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) filters. Let us show you how to avoid this.

Virtual Networking

A landmark product and staple of the Virtualnonexecs calendar. Attend fortnightly Virtual Speed Networking and meet 7 new high-value contacts on each session.

Full CV Write

Our team of CV writing experts are leaders in the non-executive CV writing space. With a combined 80+ years experience, your CV will be your greatest asset.

Google-Indexed Profile

This isn’t “Hide & Seek”. Build your own profile page and be searched and contacted directly. This SEO friendly page will help build your profile and increase your business leads.


Use our algorithmic board matching service on a weekly basis to find new contacts, connections and companies who may need your skills and expertise.

Our Team

  • Ian Wright - Virtualnonexecs - Founder and CEO

    Ian Wright

    Founder and CEO


  • Michael Mateer - Virtualnonexecs - Chief Marketing Officer

    Michael Mateer

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Michael Critchley - Virtualnonexecs - Non-Executive Director

    Michael Critchley

    Non-Executive Director


  • Steve Benson - Virtualnonexecs - Chief Revenue Officer

    Steve Benson

    Chief Revenue Officer


  • Sarah Mann - Virtualnonexecs - Chief Operating Officer

    Sarah Mann

    Chief Operating Officer


  • Louise Hewitt - Virtualnonexecs - Director of Search

    Louise Hewitt

    Director of Search


  • Steven Roche - Virtualnonexecs - Membership Manager

    Steven Roche

    Membership Manager


  • Michele Jackson - Virtualnonexecs - Executive Assistant

    Michele Jackson

    Executive Assistant


Used by some of the world’s leading companies, government bodies and "magic circle” headhunters

Virtualnonexecs.com has built a world class community of board advisors, who are continuously recruited by a range of companies - from start-up to FTSE100 and a plethora of investment houses.

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