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Elevate Your Non-Executive Ambitions with Informed Insights.

Members and prospective associates, we invite you to explore our latest comprehensive survey results. Uncover insights to provide a comprehensive overview of the non-executive landscape. The survey gives a comprehensive understanding of the stature and reach your association with VNXD offers. Your journey to informed and influential leadership begins here.

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Networker Pro is your gateway to excelling as a non-executive or fractional director. Tailored to elevate both emerging and seasoned professionals, we address the complexities of presenting your distinctive competencies and industry knowledge. Networker Pro equips you with an extensive suite of resources to distinguish your candidacy and advance your non-executive career. Your journey to prominence in boardroom advisory begins here.

1. Community Hub Access

Join a thriving community of 1000s of non-executive peers, private equity (PE), and venture capital (VC) professionals. Learn from and network openly with like-minded individuals who are navigating similar career paths. Collaboration leads to growth, and the Community Hub is your platform for success.

2. CV Assessment
by NED Career Experts

Say goodbye to the CV struggles. Our NED Career Experts will meticulously assess your CV and craft it to perfection. Maximize exposure and beat the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with a CV that truly reflects your capabilities and achievements.

3. CVRank AI Feature

Don't leave your CV's fate to chance. With CVRank AI, you can test your CV against specific job specifications before submitting your application. No more rejections due to not meeting strict ATS criteria. Get the confidence you need to land the roles you deserve.

4. VNXD Operator
Network Inclusion

Your profile will take center stage in the VNXD Operator Network. This interface is used by the Private Equity and VC community to identify consultants, sector experts, non-executives, and chairs. Gain the visibility and recognition you need to secure premium roles.

The 1 Hour Clarity Consultation

Experience the transformative power of "The Clarity Consultation" where we delve into your work history, extracting your NED-relevant skills, sector expertise, and challenge-conquering prowess.

Then, we craft a standout profile that showcases your unique value as a Non-Executive or Fractional Director. Whether you're an established executive or a newcomer, this service propels your boardroom career to new heights.

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